Sweet, we rate hax0ring by teh Russians

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Hi cuddly bears!


  • Mostly bots on compromised systems.

    Although occasionally they'll make accounts for weeks in advance, and then time them all to attack at once. That is kind of neat, in a sense.

    I can't recall if we have a captcha for account registration or not. I should ping eod and look into a solution, since I've been killing about three spam accounts per day for the last few months, (plus lots of other suspected bots).

  • I never remember to clear the tags though. Whoops. I hate doing that because there is no 'multi select' for deleting shit.

    Plus, remember LiveJournal? The Pen RSS feed is still showing up in there and it doesn't clear those spam posts when I delete them.

  • My Apple watch battery started draining fast a couple days ago. Haven't been paying much attention to it lately since I sprained my ankle and haven't been running or riding.
    I noticed yesterday that the remote audio control indicator was on. Tapped it and it showed something playing on my iPhone with a Cyrillic title. No such thing playing on iTunes or my browsers or Facebok or YouTube, closed all apps on the phone and it still showed on the watch. Reset both and it went away and hasn't come back yet, but ...yah.

  • I tell you, its like they know when I'm not going to check the site for two days and strike then.

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    Well shit. Captcha is enabled, and they're getting through that.

    Time to look into IP block lists of some sort I guess. Or a different captcha system maybe. Sometime in the near future I'll look into options and see what e0d says.

    For the short term I've blocked the combo * @ * . * . com from registration. 75% of them were registering on a subdomain.

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