• this is breaking my brain and I've written 20 replies I'm not happy with

  • having a real hard time not using the f word right now guys

  • Hahaha this reeks of some social media person basically saying "hey dude I feel your pain, could you do me a solid and shit on these guys?"

  • So they license their name to a product they have no quality control over? I'd still go with "Never again"

    Their link in the tweet goes to Butler Home Products instead of Bradshaw Home. They license their name to both, of course. Who knows which one they actually meant.



  • Your brand is your brand. I should wrangle whatever my twitter login is.

  • I keep getting tempted, but its probably healthier for me to just keep viewing it read-only. I know that I'll give in one of these days though.

    I also force myself to stay read-only with Reddit. Honestly if I ever posted anything on Reddit I wouldn't be able to stop and I'd be a month without sleep and possibly divorced. However, I don't avoid it completely because, well, its a great resource for tech support answers (and various amusements and smut).

    I avoided Facepunch for 12 years. Other than the ability to actually sign up for activities and get help for my son, I regret joining it every goddamn day. Well, that's not 100% true... I guess I actually get invited to family functions now, which is nice. Once over half the family was on Facepunch they stopped calling, texting, and emailing in favor of creating events. So the only way I'd find out about an event was getting a phone call from my grandfather asking if I could give him a ride to * thing.

    Actually, being on Facepunch Messenger and following a few people from the ghost of Pen past is kind of nice. But any other venue that we could chat on either (so far) hasn't gotten 100% buy-in or doesn't give me the access to events and groups that made me join the fucking thing to begin with.

  • There was a time when none of us could not reply to anything. It was the Golden Age of PenIsMightier. Now we are old, busy, and realistic. :(

  • edited December 2019

    I was already old(ish) and mostly realistic when I started here... Maybe not as busy...

    There's less and less to reply to lately, though. :(

  • I recently quit Facebook, if anyone was wondering why I stopped shitposting. It's easier than changing my relationship status, and to be honest I don't miss it.

  • Yeah, once the kid gets older maybe I'll finally snap and get away from the cancer myself. It was fun at first but goddamn seeing people's unfiltered thoughts on various topics really makes it hard to empathize with others. I'm stuck for now though, both because of event management and at least a little bit of addiction.

    I did notice your account had turned into a blank head a month or several ago. Glad to hear the departure from FB was willing.

  • Some of my favorite facebook updates are from pen folk. Overall I'm not a huge fan of current social media. I consume a small amount to stay current on our social circle. I lurk and when I do post it feels stilted and weird. I've long ago noped out of anything resembling a debate through social forums.

  • I was informed early on that I "don't do Facebook correctly". I probably shouldn't have taken it as a compliment, but I was always more interested in sharing stuff I thought people would find interesting rather than myself.

  • Hah. I usually enjoy(ed) your content, for what its worth. I don't think there is a 'right' way to do Facebook anyway.

    I am occasionally told I'm too verbose. Or that I don't post enough pictures. Or too many pictures. Or too many memes. Or what happened to all the meme-posting I used to do? Etc etc etc. Considering I've been on the platform for less than three years I just assume the people complaining will slowly unfollow me.

  • I never really left Facebook, I just kind of forgot about it a few years ago. I only really remember it when I check my spam folder and see all the "you have a message waiting from X" mails.

    (narrator: he did not have a message waiting from X)

  • Sara handles all the social media stuff for the family. I feel guilty that she has this job for outreach to our friends. I don't have to say much. I get tagged in things and it makes me look fancy like the Insta/Facebook filter. I definitely appreciate it.

    I lurk once or twice a day. I love Clme's son's updates in my day! BG is killing the downtown Seattle life. Lon missing ya. Joshy I know that you are passing on the tinker to your son. Fen eating noodles and making doodles.

    I'm only responding to some names I see here. I'm super happy to see updates from all the pen folk. I don't mean to leave out people, I generally dig seeing updates from anyone from Pen.

    For me to update my audience is too mixed. Maybe it is the age but I'm so consumed with my job and current activities.

    I'd rather be full on crazy pen self.

    Also the political shit/news shit just drags me down. I feel like I should shout back but it seems to all go to /dev/null.

    People generally seem good in the world and social media seems to paint or set my expectations differently. Either something unobtainable or something that doesn't exist.

    PEACE Print it on wax.

  • I blocked all news sites, radio station sites, and anything else that I didn't like for the first couple years, and after that it wasn't so bad. Pen pretty much spoiled me for discussion, and the one qanon truther I was friends with a friend of wouldn't engage me so I could own him online.

  • Those sites that serve up pithy quilted quotes, just the most vapid shit ... BLOCKED IN THE FUCKING FACE

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