windows 10 disk management

Why oh why did they make the recovery drive go after C instead of before it? The only solutions to moving the unallocated space to C: involve 3rd party software or a reinstall? fucking fucks


  • It may be possible to create a spanned volume.

    That will spread your C volume across two different spaces. But... well... goddamn I hate that. It drives me nuts when something is split that way.

  • It gives an option to create space in an empty NTFS folder, but ...

  • Oh yeah... the spanned volume thing only works on 'dynamic' disks. Your disk may be set up as a 'basic' disk.

    Converting to dynamic could hurt any OEM/recovery partition on your disk (if any) and shouldn't be done if you dual-boot to another operating system, but otherwise you should be able to do it. Risks are associated, of course. Including some chance of data loss.

    I haven't done this in years. I seem to remember something making me not want to do it on my boot drive, but that may have been dual boot related.

  • I will just assign it a letter for now, then do another install at some point and fix it that way.

    I was surprised by the ease of making a partition, I was messing with Skyrim mods and needed to move it off C: so I gave it plenty of room, but I didn't know it was a one way street

  • Lon.. Are you rocking like a ~100gig SSD?

    LMK I bet we have plenty of 250 gig SSDs in the pile for donation at work.

  • I am, but space really hasn't been an issue. Whatever it was that kept me gaming all these years seems to not work anymore, lately it seems like I get more satisfaction from fixing shit and pulling weeds?

    I will keep that in mind though, thank you big daddy


  • I'd forgotten all about ICC.


  • ugh today a windows update fucked my mouse up, so I figure may as well fix this thing ... but I'm thinking I'll have to slave this drive to something else to get it completely formatted

    the full reset for windows 10 doesn't find unallocated space, and the drive doesn't show in diskpart unless I give it a letter


  • Yeah hit up a new boot drive and just mount the other drive for old files/recovery/reference.

    I go into the office on Wednesday. Want me to see what we have SSD wise?

  • That would be amazing as long as it's not any inconvenience, I'll come meet you wherever

  • Nah the biggest challenge is just remembering to pop in and check the donation bound items since I'm only going physically into the office once a week. I added it to my calendar.

  • Ok I grabbed a 250 Gig SSD that should be nuke and booted and ready to roll.

    Wanna hit up our place at NE Portland in the afternoon of most days? Have a beer? Gotta keep social distancing spacing and all that but the backyard is legit and the beer is beer.

    I got this monitor arm also for dual screens that I just replaced and is headed for donation.

  • Also this monitor arm supports up to 2 VESA monitored monitors up to 27 (I think 27) screens. It has a 21" attached to it now that I wouldn't mind going away. It is the clap on the back of the desk mount.

  • Since everything is still working and I'm not staring at the wall, probably after the fireworks Sun/Mon/Etc whichever works

  • You still drink the Mickey's Big Mouths?

  • @LonMabonJovi said:
    You still drink the Mickey's Big Mouths?

    Not as a rule but I don't turn down a classic. Hazy IPAs or Mickey's Big Mouths.. Both work.

    So far Sunday and Monday look fairly open on the family calendar.

  • hey let's push this back just a touch if you don't mind, I get my hip replaced on the 14th but I'm barely getting around

    so like the 16th or something

  • @LonMabonJovi said:
    hey let's push this back just a touch if you don't mind, I get my hip replaced on the 14th but I'm barely getting around

    so like the 16th or something

    No rush! I got the drive sitting here whenever.

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