• Hello again!

    When life gives you lemons, supermealbot doesn't give a shit. He's not a superdrinkbot.

  • I can't believe pen is still around. (see what i did there)

  • It has a tenuous claim to live, but it continues to tick away... a shadow of it's former self, sadly.

  • I don't know... there is more activity than ever!
    ...for certain values of 'activity'

  • BTW I think that is a Performa. Hard to tell if it was one of the 68k motorola based ones or PowerPC. I think early PowerPC era judging by her rifle.

  • When shooting computers it's important to be accurate, so that scope will come in handy.

  • I believe Bex had one of those Performas around the time I first started reading Pen. She used it until 2002.

    It was a PowerPC. But damn it was unusable already by 2002. Running OS7... can't recall if it could have ran OS8, or if we just never got to latest release of 7 on it.

  • System 7 had a long long life. Most everything I had took a pretty big ram hit to running System 7 so I stuck with System 6 (6.0.7) for a long long time until I jumped over to the windows side.

  • So many extensions.

    So. Many. Extensions.

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