Twitch Streaming Muds

Why not.

Not all the time, I dunno but I think people should stream muds.



  • zombiemud and no talking, it's perfect

  • Talking will cost extra.

  • But you can buy my bath water or socks.

  • Hell yeah.
    adds to favorite channels
    Gonna watch a few VODs later.

  • my idea for streaming is to stream might and magic clouds/darkside of xeen. there is a npc you talk to that says something like "you should smile more, the people watching you in the hidden camera would appreciate it". seems like it could make for a good clip if you then adopt a rictus grin.

  • edited June 2020

    found it

  • I should edit clips. The biggest thing is to watch me get progressively more drunk as the night goes on.

    Also I just have a webcam on the computer and hit go stream. I would like to do a decent job eventually.

    I made this video for ya'll.

  • Let me know and I'll do a shout out. Customized content4u during these trying times.


    Man what up with these weird embed errors. 1st Episode. Maybe the pilot. explaining a bit and shout out to Lon Mabon


    Second Episode - Featuring my kiddo.

  • Apparently dikumud is about to drop a new version, with a web client. Oh the times, oh the morays.

  • I saw that the other day. I was looking at the Github setup someone posted on /r/muds

  • Tuned in to hear you say "this is my kiddo, he streams on Mixer". Nice timing :lol:

  • @fenomas said:
    Tuned in to hear you say "this is my kiddo, he streams on Mixer". Nice timing :lol:

    Totally! I gotta save that clip.

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