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  • It's creepy to hear supposedly serious people talk about efforts to terraform Mars or the moon or what have you.

    Have they somehow not noticed that we're well into the process of un-terraforming Earth?

  • The ones that have consider mars to be an escape vessel. Its... really depressing that they have enough money to get to mars but apparently not enough money (or will) to clean things up here.

    Plus it seems like its a pipe dream even with the advancements made... I've yet to see any plans that deal with the lack of ozone or extreme temperatures, or even any good plans for massive dome or underground structures. :(

    I love the idea of getting into space. I've been obsessed with it since I was a kid. But when I was a kid it still kind of felt like we may be able to fix things on this planet too.

    Ronald Reagan and Captain Planet both lied to me.

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    Mars may be an attractive option, but it does not have a magnetosphere; thus making it impossible to create and maintain a breathable atmosphere. Not to mention the gravity is insufficient. Domes or subterraneous living spaces are the only options there.

  • Prediction: by the end of next week Missouri will have been forcibly merged into Kansas, with the administration claiming the former was never technically a state.

  • The president of the US is a youtube comment.

  • I like that.

    In fact... Maybe its like "Twitch plays pokemon" except with youtube comments.

    An entire community is trying to command the president, and as a result only random tripe comes out of his mouth and he keeps walking into walls.

  • I wouldn't worry too much. I mean sure, it's a burgeoning global pandemic, but the administration has already announced a plan to, uh (checks notes) create a new DOJ office focused on revoking citizenship from naturalized citizens

  • @Clme said:
    I like that.

    In fact... Maybe its like "Twitch plays pokemon" except with youtube comments.

    An entire community is trying to command the president, and as a result only random tripe comes out of his mouth and he keeps walking into walls.

    multiplayer QWOP ... let's get some limbs flailing

  • Maybe that cat has something contagious?



    I'm feeling bad for that cat no matter what the situation is, aren't I?

  • Turns out she only had a sinus infection...

    But goddamnit. He deserves to be shit on for posting that without confirmation during a pandemic fear.

  • I'm pretty sure the pandemic is a sure thing, now. Most persons who catch it don't seem to get very sick, but a few do. The big fear is that so many people will get sick at once that there aren't enough ventilators to go around for those who need them.

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    Today I give you: Turning Point USA -

    You may or may not have heard of Turning Point USA. It's a conservative advocacy group founded in 2012 by Charlie Kirk and William Montgomery.

    Among the usual issues you would expect, Charlie Kirk has been going on about vaccines lately.

    Co-founder William Montgomery has been quiet on the vaccine front... mainly because he died of COVID last year.


  • The shrunken face Charlie Kirk memes are a constant source of joy in my petty, petty life.

    Plus their frequent collaboration with Ben Shapiro and PragerU is... something. Funny, but not in a joyous way? A dark humor? Exasperated laughter?

  • O-Jes, they are teh fun.

  • Women get access for free!

    I wonder why.......................................

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    Nutjobs in the Amercan North-West:

    ... a website called Redoubt News, which caters to a growing group here in northern Idaho of self-described, "God-Fearing, Liberty-Loving Patriots."

    "The American Redoubt" is a term coined in 2011 by a Christian survivalist. The idea is that Christian patriots should retreat here from modern America to live their truth and defend themselves. The Redoubt is a large chunk of land encompassing all of Idaho, Montana and Wyoming as well as eastern slivers of Washington and Oregon. The boundaries are similar to those of the Whites-only homeland envisioned by the Aryan Nations, which was headquartered for years about 80 miles south of Bonners Ferry. The Redoubt movement does not espouse racial separation.

    From here:

  • Well, not the stupidest, but it felt appropriate after the last one.

  • "Why do people keep calling this anti semitic, I'm just saying the media control everything, and well, who owns the media?"


  • Its been awhile since I've seen a batshit collage of images presented as evidence of conspiracies.

    I mean, I have seen a lot of batshit images with regard to QAnon. But generally those are just screenshots of 4chan posts run through a light "deep fried" filter and color shifted. These look like they actually took some work.

  • What? No mention of Fascism? That one always makes me laugh.

    The mention of Trump wanting to "bring manufacturing back home" is a good one, too... The last two major bills Biden passed (Chips and Inflation Reduction Act) have done more to spur domestic manufacturing than anything Trump did... and yet, the Dems are accused of being anti-America, and globalists.

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