User Registration Changes

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New user accounts now have to be approved by an admin before they can post.

So what does this mean for new users?
It means it could be a few days before your account is created. Approvals will likely be processed once every few days.... give or take a week. :smiley:

I hate to do that, since it means extra hoops for new accounts. Yet... well... over the last week we started regularly getting over 30 spam/etc accounts being registered a day despite the 'verify email' policy being enabled. So here we are. More work for new accounts but significantly less for me.


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    Tell us a reason you want to join:
    "I like|I love|I would like"
    Wow. That sure is convincing.

  • Clme you da man

  • @eod said:
    Clme you da man

    I wish I had done this a couple years ago. Would have spared a bit of headache.

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