Glitches in the Matrix

Neil Armstrong died of a heart attack sometime in the 1970s.

Using as to mean because is a British aberration that the United States only recently adopted.

The 1960s animated cartoon Astro Boy is in color.


  • This seems like an alternate Mandela effect.

  • Probably, but in my more paranoid moods I wonder if I'm being inserted into other nodes of the multiverse without warning.

    Another one is my older sister telling me that she had been in the Campfire Girls. I had remembered this for years. Several weeks ago, I mentioned something about this, and she told me that no, she had been in the Brownies. The Campfire Girls are much the more obscure organization. Where had I gotten the idea?

  • Oh wow. I remember hearing a bit about them, but not in quite awhile. In fact, I had no idea that they went coed in 1975.

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    Chick-fil-A had a restaurant in Port Huron, Michigan about thirty years ago.

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