Ye olde cataract surgery

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So a couple years ago I was told that insurance wouldn't cover cataract surgery unless I was pretty much legally blind.

Well, welcome to 2024, where no strength of corrective lens will allow me to see more than blurs out of my left eye!

So... I'm finally getting cataracts removed from that eye. It will either happen after an eye exam with the surgeon tomorrow, or he might make the call to schedule it out after looking at me.

I'll still end up paying out the ass if I want more than basic lens replacement, but either way it will be nice to be able to see again. Any time I try to look at any fine print lately I feel like I'm 80 years old, and a magnifying glass doesn't help anymore.

Goddamn kids, get off my lawn!
....What do you mean those are lawn gnomes? They look like kids from here!


  • Welp. My eye doctors referral was not accepted by my insurance. Also the surgeon is apparently no longer in network anyway.

    I hate this system.

  • Ew. Who's your carrier?

  • Its a plan with "Group Help Cooperative of South Central Wisconsin".

    My eye doctor was through my optical insurance, of course. But they either lost referral rights, or the insurance company somehow scheduled this shit without double checking referral rights.

    As it turns out there aren't currently any eye surgeons in network. However, they'll approve them as though they're in network after other red tape has been dealt with. I just get confused with this bullshit.

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