A brainwashing dip into a plexiverse mind control blog : Vignettesofmindcontrol.blogspot.com

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I discovered this blog and thought the person writing it must have been writing on mind control drugs about a past/present/futuristic scenario of sci-fi dystopian targeting. Can all this actually be happening in "our" society which is so "Democratic"? This is the site, which I also posted above. I find it hard to read but entertaining. http://vignettesofmindcontrol.blogspot.com/


  • I'm not sure what I read, but it felt like someone took my grandfathers facebook feed and condensed it into one page.

  • This bot is pretty trippy...

  • I don't find it entertaining, and I only could stand a small sampling before getting too bored to continue, but I understood what he was writing. Yes, Antifa is closer to being a bunch of fascists than the so called fascists they are fighting. Yes, the anti-racists are more racist that the so called racists they are fighting. This all is obvious to the non-mind controlled.

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    Earth has 4 days simultaneously each rotation. You erroneously measure time from 1 corner. This all is obvious to the non-mind controlled.

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