The Unlimited WHO says it wasn't accidentally released from any Labs.

Opinions welcomed.

I haven't had the time to process the scholarly articles published in China during the interval[12/1/19 - 6/20] with a mindfulness of interlinkedness and references to 'THIS VIRUS WAS NOT RELEASED FROM A LAB'


  • I liked the half baked theory about the lab worker selling test animals to the market, but if the release was intentional it would be sloppy and stupid to just squirt some out the back door of the lab in your own country.

  • The Wrath of Pengolin is the most believable potetnially edible source for the species hop:

  • dang thing looks like a badger fucked an artichoke

  • What do you do with all those scales from a Pengolin? Like don't waste it. Do you make a leather armor of sorts. Does it take on leather armor atributes? What is leather armour (I added a u for classy), light weight +1 AC?

  • Is it scale mail?

  • @eod said:
    Is it scale mail?

    Sure looks like it.

  • Armored Sloth ... wonder what it tastes like

  • Baby Ruth

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    I'm afraid to actually look it up... but do people actually eat the pangolin meat?

    I know the scales are used in traditional medicine. Or boner pills. Whichever. But I'm curious how frequent eating the dang things actually is.

    The fact they're in danger of extinction probably just adds to the allure.

  • The Wet Animal Market Scene:
    _ in China_ :wink: reminds me of the time Lam, Doomy and I got wrecked on Whiskey Ice Cream Shakes at Six Flags while arguing about who gets to go first. :blush:

    Those were the days....

  • Somewhere there exists some scanned pictures of you guys in front of your car during that trip. I swear I saw them recently, just don't recall when. I know Lam was always great about taking pictures.

    That said, I'm more surprised she was willing to touch whiskey at that point in time. I know by the time I got to know her she was abstaining.

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    I'll improve on the quality of these postings as I regain my experience.

  • Like falling off a bike.

  • I watched this one:

    There may be a way to blame tourists too.

  • They were already blaming tourists.

    (Wait, you didn't meant the white tourists, did you?)

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