Does The Pen is Mightier General Forum Grant Wishes?

Recently, the PC/XBOX gaming scene has devolved into a steaming pile of disinterest because of Anime, Mobile Games and Battle Royal.

Fuck each one of the genres referenced above.

At the core of this descent into steaming pileness were bunny hoppers and a shift in what can and cannot be said in multiplayer lobbies.


I have emailed multiple times requesting MechAssault 3 and a port of Armored Core .

I even mentioned i was (briefly) terminally ill and these titles were my only wish.


I am posting today in the hopes that the Genie inside Penismightier will rise and bring these wishes true.




  • A shift in what can and cannot be said in multiplayer lobbies? Shit, the few times I've ever been in a multiplayer lobby I considered it proof that humanity was doomed.

    What was this about being briefly terminally ill though?

  • That was posted on behalf of a friend.
    Everyone is still patiently waiting

  • Miracles are another department, I'm afraid.

    Wishes are reviewed yearly and go before the Penismightier®©™ dot com wish review committee.

    Unfortunately due to budget cuts only minor wishes are currently considered. So if you would like to wish for a form letter that you could post a link to on a gaming subreddit, that would be more along the lines of what we can accomplish. If approved, that could be accomplished at some point in Q2 2022.

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