With COVID restrictions chzngin for whatever area you are in... How you feeling?

How ya feeling? You ready to go out there with all those fucking mouth breathers? All those salt of the earth? Good folk out there. Mmmm Hmmm..




  • I'm not that worried about myself or the missus anymore. But I've got a 7 year old that had an immune deficiency until a year after his heart surgery so I'm not confident he'd do OK.

    Still, I'm OK with places that aren't too busy. But when the crowds start closing in I get really fucking nervous. For example... The family and I went camping a few weeks ago. We had planned on hitting a lot of local tourist traps, but we changed some plans based on how claustrophobic a few things were.

    Don't get me wrong... I hated crowds already. But this puts a fine point on it.

  • idk I might hit someones popcan pipe if they offered

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    @LonMabonJovi said:
    idk I might hit someones popcan pipe if they offered

    I went out tonight with my sister and her husband for my birthday. Her husband, despite being vaccinated, made it clear he thought that Covid was a joke and Fauci should be in prison.

    I miss being young and willing to punch their popcan pipe.

    Hey Lon, how you doing? I know we didn't chat much on the various socials, but I kinda miss the conversations we had.

  • I'm now feeling fine doing whatever. I've had both of my shots for awhile now. The data appear to show that I should be safe and those around me, too.

    If the time comes when those who know what they're talking about say I should get a booster, I'll get a booster.

  • Well my post didn't exactly age well there. School starts next week for the kiddos. Welcome to thunderdome!

  • So... May of 2022.

    Somehow my family and I have avoided covid. So far. Though the rugrat has brought home some other nasty bugs and my wife has had some potential exposure due to the 7th and 8th grade children she works with during the day.

    Crowds continue to make me nervous. But yeah, I've hit the point where I would probably hit a popcan pipe if offered too. :)

    That said, I don't have good feelings about this fall. Shit, I don't actually have good feelings about this summer, since I predict at least a small amount of unlawful assembly in the future.

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