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  • @Clme said: A main page post I wrote very early on, February 2001. I had told a story about how a very flamboyant man was heavily joke-flirting with me while getting me to convert change to bills while I was working in the gas-station. I mentio…
  • [quote]Not only is it tipped sideways so its rotational axis is practically parallel to its orbital plane, it smells terrible, it's leaking everywhere, its magnetic field is an utter mess, and it has rings unlike any other planetary rings in the Sol…
    in Headlines Comment by Rufus April 3
  • Should I call-up Biden today and demand to know where my cheque is?
    in Helloooooooo Comment by Rufus March 15
  • I haven't the time to properly research and formulate a detailed response to everything you said, but I have some quick points I would make. @Bill said: Obviously I simplified it. I wanted to highlight the main point. Really, if you don't b…
  • As someone who is fairly conservative, financially, I don't see myself getting into stock speculation and day-trading... But, MAN... would I like to go back to December and buy some GameStop stock... I need a time machine.
  • @Bill said: The main chain of causality was: BLM decreased cops. Decreased cops, for a variety of reasons, caused more murder. There was a secondary chain that went: BLM rioters went unpunished. Miscreants, seeing this, decided…
  • That is magic!
    in Steaming Ass Comment by Rufus January 25
  • @Clme said: Maybe he left a copy of the health care plan in the Oval Office? Biden has said that Trump left him a "generous" letter in the Oval Office. I think you may be on to something.
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  • @fenomas said: Aha clme, but what if the rioters believed it was okay to invade the capital and beat a cop to death? There were plenty of terrorists (my preference to "rioters") who believed it was ok, because they were there on the presi…
    in Headlines Comment by Rufus January 18
  • @Bill said: It read like he wanted a loud demonstration. There's nothing in there that implies he wanted them to occupy the Capitol. So, your response to, "it's not the specific things he said on the 6th, it's the totality of everything t…
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  • @Bill said: Well, I read the transcript of Trump's speech. I saw no call for riot, insurrection, or anything else of the sort. You really can't be so naive as to believe that, because he didn't use the precise words, that absolves him of …
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  • I... er, Santa, got me a pair of these. The wife got me a framed vintage Porsche advertisement (reproduction):
  • @Clme said: That seems to a narrower definition of what we have typically considered a domestic terrorist. For example, we never learned the motive of the vegas shooter. I agree with Bill's definition... The Vegas shooter was a mass-murd…
    in Nashville Comment by Rufus December 2020
  • Since it happened, I've been waiting for them to identify some right-wing nut-job with conspiracy theories. That may still happen, but it sure looks like a (dramatic) suicide right now.
    in Nashville Comment by Rufus December 2020
  • [quote]An M.D.? Again, doesn’t mean that you can’t be smart, but, usually, not born puzzle solvers.[/quote] Dr. Ben Carson is the personification of this, if ever there was one.
  • It's funny how the Republican's are the party of small government and personal freedom, unless you are something, or do something, that they think is icky. Then they're all up in your business.
  • 404 FTW Notifications are missing? I don't know what it means, but it got my attention.
  • America has a problem... Whenever an issue of major social importance comes up, an extremist minority group of assholes and opportunists (on both sides of the issue) hijack the narrative and drown out the majority with legitimate complaint. Th…
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  • I can't wait for this chapter in American exceptionalism history to be over.
  • Keeping track must be a popular hobby now:
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  • This list is from 2017... I wonder how different the list would be today...
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  • Pfft... I wish.... I'd be hawt.
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  • Wait... what are we talking about...? You know what's fun? Watching all the right-wingers screaming, "my body, my choice" on the news; when they're protesting being forced to wear masks.
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  • LOL krat FTW!
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  • @Bill said: @filious said: yes. I don't. I think these days, twenty years into the twenty-first century, that racism is decried far more often than racism is actually observed. I don't think you're qualified to…
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  • Absent any hobbies (or a willingness to try a new one), where you could join a club or something... Clme's volunteering suggestion is a good one. Truth be told, I was never good at this either... at least if i wanted to meet a girl. I am an intro…
  • The power was out for a little over an hour today... Now that I work from home and I host a few things on servers here at home; I've started to think that maybe the company needs to buy some backup power for the house.