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  • If it helps... "Redheads = Trouble" was well established and universally accepted.
  • @filious said: Oh no I've reignited the entire issue It's clme's fault, for making several false assertions (i.e. Cake > Pie, the issue was in any way settled, etc.).
  • @Bill said: Cheesecake is pie. I like cheesecake.... but GOOD cheesecake. There's a lot of bad cheesecake out there.
  • @Clme said: @Rufus said: Bah! Pastry is just differently shaped pie. Pie is just differently shaped cake! Now you're just talking nonsense... There is nothing "cake"-ish about pie. Cake is just bread with added…
  • @Clme said: @Rufus said: [some blasphemy about pies] I think we had settled on pake as the ultimate pastry. Bah! Pastry is just differently shaped pie.
  • @joshy said: @Rufus said: ....had just recently stopped doing things like BOINC/SETI/Folding Wait, we stopped Folding? I did not get the memo. I think I was amongst the last few to stop. …
  • I suddenly have an urge to go on a diet, in Portuguese.
  • Holy-crap, I had to go to page 5, to get to a real post!
  • @Clme said: I think how that one was solved may have depended on who you asked. :-) I remember pies being superior to all... as it should be. Some things were only settled, in retrospect, however. Like when K-Rat wanted everyone to mi…
  • Given the timing, I assumed they were making the case for Russia's totally legitimate intervention in the neo-Nazi led Ukraine. I wasn't sure of the language, and didn't take the time to translate, however.
  • OMG The Russkies are attacking!
  • Amongst the most corrosive elements in America, has been the attack on the news media. At every turn, when a media outlet reports on a story, it is slammed as false, decried as biased and/or dismissed as incompetent; by everyone who's internal narra…
    in Steaming Ass Comment by Rufus February 3
  • @fenomas said: Joe Rogan and Jordan Peterson are the two dumbest motherfuckers in the world. That is all I donno... This guy can compete:
    in Steaming Ass Comment by Rufus January 27
  • Got my booster Sunday... For whatever reason, I barely sleep after a shot. I would guess less than two hours Sunday night. Slept well last night; back to normal today.
  • It's wall-to-wall Microsoft here... There are three Windows 2019 servers, five Windows 10 desktops and two Windows 10 laptops. There are three Android phones and one tablet in the house, too. My wife's MacBook Pro from 2007 or 2008 is still aroun…
  • If you want to watch numbers... Portugal has (pretty much) the exact same population as Sweden. Portugal has 81.5% of the population fully vaccinated. The 7-day average is currently, 1090 (and falling) - again, nearly identical to Sweden. I'm curiou…
  • I don't know why anyone would bring up Sweden. Their vaccination rate is only 61.2% (fully vaccinated). Their 7-day average is 1087 new cases per day; in a country of 10.23 million. That's only slightly better than Canada (when corrected for populat…
  • @filious said: The GOP can't allow Biden to be the president that gets covid under control. Better for some Americans to die to keep 2024 competitive. You can see the cut off between people who know the GOP is lying by who has the vaccine (fox …
  • @Clme said: I mean, sure, its killing more of those people. But not only those people. Oh yeah, I totally feel bad for the innocent people getting caught up by it... All the kids getting sick because they are too young to get vaccinated.…
  • It has a tenuous claim to live, but it continues to tick away... a shadow of it's former self, sadly.
  • O-Jes, they are teh fun.
  • Today I give you: Turning Point USA - You may or may not have heard of Turning Point USA. It's a conservative advocacy group founded in 2012 by Charlie Kirk and William Montgomery. Among the usual issues you would expect…
  • The total departure from factual information and the complete and utter devotion from his base has made him the biggest cult leader in American history. Can't wait to see what his acolytes do in August, when he's supposed to return to the White Hou…
    in Steaming Ass Comment by Rufus July 2021
  • @Bill said: The Tolkien Society Does 2021 pathetic People find bazaar and idiotic things to spend their time on.
    in Steaming Ass Comment by Rufus June 2021
  • I now want to cover myself head-to-toe in bandaids for next Halloween, but I suspect that to be a cost-prohibitive costume.
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  • @Bill said: Lab or Nature? The Current Evidence For Each of The SARS-CoV-2 Origin Theories If it was a lab leak, I fully believe that the Chinese government will successfully suppress enough evidence to a point where we will never know w…
  • The current Ontario government rolled back much of the math curriculum, to go back to a more traditional math program; a couple years ago. The "more traditional" math curriculum still doesn't much resemble the math I took in grade school.
  • @Clme said: I don't know of any other group of internet folks that I would willingly drive across the country to see. (Or trust that I would still be physically unharmed after the visit). Naw... All the damage is emotional/intellectual..…