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  • Seems hard to avoid the conclusion that Fox News is the high-order bit. When half the country consumes a media diet of antisocial craziness, that's inevitably going to lead to craziness.
  • Folks have started referring to Matt Gaetz as "pizzagaetz", and I gotta say that's a small point of light in the world.
    in Headlines Comment by fenomas April 9
  • @Bill said: Everything that isn't slanted toward liberals and progressives attracts crazy people ranting about Jews. It also tends to attract the religious. That's just the internet. I shouldn't laugh at this, it's probably the scarie…
  • Really, if you don't believe there is a strong negative correlation between policing and crime, I don't see much hope of us ever agreeing. This is straw-man gibberish. Just because somebody rejects the idea that BLM riots directly caused mur…
  • Dude. Remember that blog "the last psychiatrist"? The author there liked to say "If you're reading it, it's for you". Crazy people who rant about jews read Unz because it's for them.
  • "The author proposed a plausible mechanism for how his premise could be true" is not the same thing as "the author's premise has been proved as much as a thing can be proved".
  • @Bill said: The Left's Vaccine Problem Here's a fun game: when Bill posts a link to unz, open it and ctrl+f to see how many comments it took before the commenters started talking about jews. It never fails - no matter what the article is …
  • The article doesn't make, let alone support, that claim. But let's assume the premise. If BLM protests caused increased crime, I guess we'd better work on addressing the issues that caused the BLM protests. That's the takeaway, right?
  • I said "50% of the GOP", oh he-who-never-reads-what-he's-replying-to. It was a reference to how many house GOP members gave Marjorie Taylor Greene a standing ovation.
    in Headlines Comment by fenomas February 7
  • "Is Betteridge's Law a Thing?"
  • Side note: now that "MTG" refers to a crazy lady, I wonder if Magic: The Gathering can sue for damage to reputation.
    in Headlines Comment by fenomas February 5
  • Humorous, but "woke lefties being silly" feels like small potatoes in an age where the GOP is ~50% taken over by a literal violent cult.
    in Headlines Comment by fenomas February 5
  • I say that any church that's physically located in one state, but registered as a corporation in a different state, is kinda sus.
  • Trump only has one day left to unveil his health care plan. I bet it's going to be a doozy.
    in Headlines Comment by fenomas January 19
  • Aha clme, but what if the rioters believed it was okay to invade the capital and beat a cop to death?
    in Headlines Comment by fenomas January 18
  • My dude, he's the president. If he wants accurate information, he can order any number of three letter acronyms to get it for him. If he was fed bullshit by his advisors, that's on him for surrounding himself with bullshitters. Blaming others for hi…
    in Headlines Comment by fenomas January 17
  • I don't know what you're trying to say. The dude said untrue things that incited his followers to riot - that much is demonstrably true. Are you saying it's okay as long as he believed the stuff he said?
    in Headlines Comment by fenomas January 17
  • @Bill said: It read like he wanted a loud demonstration. There's nothing in there that implies he wanted them to occupy the Capitol. Dude, the cat and his surrogates lied for months to those people, that their country was being literally…
    in Headlines Comment by fenomas January 16
  • Bill: "by carefully examining subtle nuances of word choice in this apparently neutral article, I can tell that the author is deeply biased against Trump" Also Bill: "when Trump spent an hour lying to an angry mob that their country was being sto…
    in Headlines Comment by fenomas January 10
  • Incidentally here's video of the folks walking in and out again:
    in Headlines Comment by fenomas January 7
  • @LonMabonJovi said: They were weird tweets to be sure, but he wasn't calling for blood. He did it in person. Incited/insurrection language isn't from me, it's per Mitt Romney, NYT, WaPo, etc. Hell even the turtle called it a failed ins…
    in Headlines Comment by fenomas January 7
  • Ah catching up now, US president is inciting insurrection, cool cool 😎
    in Headlines Comment by fenomas January 7
  • Hey, haven't read the news yet today, anything interesting happen?
    in Headlines Comment by fenomas January 7
  • Impossible. Making fun of things involves humor, of which the current right wing sphere isn't capable.
  • This confused the hell out of me. One day I woke up and half my twitter feed was about right wing loons taking a sudden and passionate interest in titles for doctorates, and it took a while to piece together why.
  • Less of a sick burn and more of a hand-waving subtweet to be honest.
  • Fair point really, no reason we can't have a few more before everything collapses.