Day 4 of Protests

We are on day 4 of Protests in Portland. Two or Three days that violate a curfew (8pm) which seem to last late into the night and poke back and forth until shit gets a bit breaky.

So in this thread. State something that is fucking insane that is happening or happened in the last -/+ 6 months. And lets revisit this when the world collapses and I'm hosting this off two 56k dial up lines on a Macintosh SE/30 powered by my small generator and solar array on my 20 acres I'm bugging out to in White Salmon.


  • I need to write the DNS numbers down for Pen somewhere safe

  • I thought it was already being hosted that way.

  • The power was out for a little over an hour today... Now that I work from home and I host a few things on servers here at home; I've started to think that maybe the company needs to buy some backup power for the house.

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