Is there an archive of old stuff?

In particular photos from the old site? Looking for pictures from my birthday and since my daughter had backed up all my files for me, I of course can't find them locally.


  • I've been thinking about dragging out the old content and making it readable. Yes most everything from pen is around, just may not be working format (old php, etc). Do you remember which era of Pen it was from?

  • I didn't get to come back here at all after that since I was on duty for nearly a month, but I think Clem pretty much got everything we needed.

  • Rufus was the rock star with his batch of photos, for sure.

    He's on the book-face now, if anyone is interested in friending him that hasn't yet. (He just posted the Twilight Zone meme in the Pen group if you didn't know his real name).

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