The Tulsi Gabbard File



  • It shocked the hell out of me. I was expecting her to drop out and run as a libertarian.

  • I wasn't expecting her to run as a spoiler but I can't believe she threw down for Biden. Hillary and Barack must have taken her in a room and worked her over ...

  • I mean, he's promised to pick a woman as a running mate, so this may not exactly be 8-dimensional chess...

  • God, if he did that then it would be worse than Hillary picking Tim Kaine. Like, instead of doing nothing for him it would actually actively hurt him.

    I've heard Kamala Harris as a favorite. Some mutterings about Amy Klobuchar (meh) and even Warren. But of course all the money is on him not picking Warren since Mass. has a Republican governor who would appoint a spoiler in her place.

  • I keep waiting for HRC to jump out from behind a bush

  • Has anyone heard of/from Tulsi since July or so?

    I'm kind of curious what she'll be doing after January.

    (Also, thank goodness she wasn't nominated for VP).

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    Not at all. Why does the federal government need to dictate what each sport or sanctioned classification has rules for in this particular case? Has this really been a major issue that couldn't be dealt with at a local level or at least determined by type of sport? No exception for students that have been on hormone therapy for at least a year? No money for studies into how large of a problem this actually is?

    This is not "everyone must have at least some women's sports in their schools" this is "Here is a problem that doesn't really exist on any large scale but will punish a group that makes us feel funny". This is even going to alienate kids that don't want to play sports, just because its been put on paper. Schools risk losing all federal funding under this bill (which isn't limited to just sports) if they don't honor this.

    Gabbard continues to show her true colors.

  • Also I apologize for saying 'Has anyone heard from Tulsi?' because goddamn she made sure we heard from her. sigh

  • It's funny how the Republican's are the party of small government and personal freedom, unless you are something, or do something, that they think is icky. Then they're all up in your business.

  • Title IX already has the government involved in sports.

    Transwomen, who aren't really women no matter what anyone claims, are already starting to set records.

    Hormone therapy isn't enough to level the playing field.

    In the rougher sports, it's dangerous to let transwomen play against women.

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    Wait... You are concerned about leveling the playing field for sports, but not for other aspects of education?

    So, since the government is already involved in sports to make sure minorities and girls have access to sports, they should keep getting even more involved to restrict other groups?

    Setting records in High School sports has been extremely rare; enough that the times it has happened has been national news. In most cases, there wasn't a report on how far along the athlete was in hormone therapy (if at all). It could also have been dealt with locally, and the fact it wasn't means that the local school districts and league leaders don't feel strongly enough about the issue to make changes.

    In adult leagues, each league is setting its rules on transgender athletes without the need of the government to get involved. In some sports restrictions make sense. In others, it doesn't. In some, it may make sense but they aren't making major changes for varying purposes. In sports that require drug tests, that has to be taken into account and is.

    Transwomen are women as far as any of us should care. Why are we caring? Bathrooms? They've been using them for 150 years+ without anyone knowing. As far as I can tell the only time we should care is if we're medical professionals or the person is a suspect in a major crime where that would be relevant. Getting hit on and feel uncomfortable? Say you're not interested. Worried about becoming intimate with someone without realizing they're trans? It will probably come up before that point.

    What we consider rough sports is probably up for some debate, depending on our backgrounds. But rest assured boxing and football rarely have separate women's teams at the high school level. With some notable exceptions, women in those sports are already on the men's teams. For adult leagues, again, the government restrictions aren't going to make a difference.

    Of course Tulsi just introduced two pro-life bills into congress too, showing her true colors again. She ran on being pro-choice in her presidential campaign.

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