• Is a body necessary to have pronouns?


  • Really

  • Alphabet folks have started putting their preferred pronouns in their email sig at work. I'm not sure if adding it to mine would show solidarity or just make me look duchey.


  • Depends. If your actual pronouns are serious, it won't come off as douchey.

    Krat (those/them there/y'all)

  • fuck off. krat's not real

  • also that's my gender. i am fuck off

  • Good god, whoever wrote that article needs to be tied down and beaten with a copy of Strunk and White.

    If he wrote an article called "kittens are soft" it would probably start out "To understand what it means for a thing to be soft, we must first consider what it means for a person to understand a word to have a definition."

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    So what I'm getting is that Mr. Robillard feels that he needs to know if you have a large, throbbing, cock in your pants. I mean, how else will he know whether or not to treat you like a decent, tumescent-member possessing man? It sure would be embarrassing if he were to try to fuck me at the ice cream social only to find out I had a willy instead of a wilma, eh?

    Hey, who knows... he may have a point. I mean, I can't tell you how often being able to slam my rigid rod onto my phone has been the solution to all of the gendered work and testicle-requiring moral quandaries I encounter daily.

    Anyway, on to the article.

    This surface question of proper names, however, dramatically obscures the underlying conceptual tensions, moral values, and metaphysical commitments fundamentally at stake.

    How the hell is my precocious penis going to assist in this person's metaphysical commitments? It barely sustains its own physical commitments. Sometimes it doesn't actually accomplish even that.

    And while proper names such as “Bruce” or “Caitlyn” do technically fall within the purview of private determination and personal prerogative, indexicals within a language, such as “he” or “she” indirectly connote and refer to fixed meanings deep within our overall shared network of public meanings and are not similarly revisable according to individual personal preference.

    How does "he" or "she" actually affect the daily network? Did someone turn out to have an innie instead of an outtie when he needed them to help do some totally manly bro things you can't do without a penis? Is he a doctor that actually has a need to know if I need a pap smear or a prostate check? Is he constantly thinking about the turgid, engorged meat snake that may be hiding in any of our pants at any time?

    Anyway. Further in he's quoting Matt Walsh, who is a Daily Wire writer usually just mad that women aren't baby making factories. That's an interesting choice. Then he moves on to claiming Elliot Page will just switch back on a whim... (presumably when the cool factor has worn off)? Also, that matters for some reason?

    That's... suspicious. Also familiar? Does this guy write for PragerU?

    Hmm. Nope.

    Ok... scanning from here on...
    ...More whataboutisms that read like more specific and less funny "attack helicopter" examples.
    ...More philosophy about "what is truth" and how truth depends on knowing about your man-meat.
    ...Making sure people's rights are recognized means that he gets less rights.

    Ah, there is the crux. He goes on a lot about these "new" rights for a protected class. I suddenly don't have to check to see how he feels about Black Lives Matter, do I? Yes I do. looks at his twitter account Huh. Toxic place, but other than baiting academics and wondering why they don't debate him, its sparse on other topics. It could be because there isn't anything still in it from before 2021. He does touch on "race is just a social construct" which would have sounded great in 2000, but is pretty damn suspicious anymore.

    Well, moving on. Mental health. huh. Surprised it took him so long to get there actually. Yikes on bikes.

    Speaking of mental health... you know, I've probably implied it a bit in my commentary up until this point, but I suspect that in this guy's case a cigar is almost never just a cigar.

    (its a dick)

    Lets see... then he has a quote comparing this to moral decay and communism, complete with a youtube link. Hmm. I will regret having that affect my youtube suggestions in the near future. sigh

    Regardless, even if I am wrong and mistaken in my reasoning, I and every other citizen in this country should be allowed the freedom to make such mistakes openly; to strive to know truth, to seek truth, and to speak truth, in earnest, however clumsily and however imperfectly.

    So, even if he's wrong he should be free to not only misgender me, but perhaps even check my pants and see if I have a totally manly knob or a totally not manly vagooter before he addresses me. And I should not be offended because he's just exercising his right to his truth.

    So, finally: Has no one ever told this person about the singular they? Because for a person so incensed over the idea of not knowing another person's gender he uses a singular they several times throughout his article.

  • Be fair clme - if your political ideology got taken over by a weird celebrity/death cult, you'd probably feel a sudden urge to focus your energy on fringe topics like gender politics too.

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    I kind of think he was/is OK with the celebrity death cult. It gives him purpose. But fair point. :smile:

    Is this guy like... a 40 year old Ben Shapiro? I couldn't even make it through his diatribe on White Privilege (and CRT, of course).

    Just watch: There is currently a hole in conservative media just waiting to be filled by this guy and his desire to see our genitals.

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    The person that wrote this is a joke. A joke that happens to get published at Newsweek because of his academic credentials. But... unfortunately the headline is not a joke. Jesus Christ.
    (Why Do I Hate Pronouns More Than Genocide - Richard Hanania)

    Of course he is also published at Quillette. But their standards are... well. See Michael Robillard.

    Quotes about this author tend to be things like "He is a political scientist with interesting ideas". Which is a funny way to avoid actually answering "What do you think of this asshole?"

    The more I read the more I kept waiting for the punchline. But it never came.

    There was no punchline.

    There was no gotcha.

    No redeeming quality.

    Just... progressively worse ideas. So I figured I should share it here.

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