What computer/os/platform are you rocking these days?

Sara can do everything (literally everything) in like 2 seconds via her phone. I often need to sit down with my work laptop and summon some slience or sit at my aged our gaming machine and browse/navigate my work on some big ass screens.

Win10s, Iphone, Linux VMs on a old esxi HP N40L.

I did though just order a 49" curved monitor for my geriatric ass.


  • I also just ditched all that mechanical keyboard loud lightup bullshit and got me this perixx keybord which is like the old MS Natural keyboard from the early 2000s.



  • I actually didn't get that model above. The arrow key drive me crazy and I really would prefer not wired.

    I got this one (I need to find a picture but I will hit google here in a second) and what is nice is it has 2.4ghz dongle which I use on my gaming setup and bluetooth which I use on my work config. Bluetooth has some serious lag.

    Here t
    his this beast.


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    Outside of work...

    Mostly I use Win10, across a laptop and a pair of desktops. (One desktop I set up for my wife to work from home, but I use it for bills/browsing too; the other desktop is my 10-year-old gaming system). I use an android phone for basic searches, facebook/messenger, and tools that work best on mobile. A few antique desktops for things like data recovery or backing up files.

    A linux (Lubuntu) laptop for testing and my son to use for video chats with his teacher or interacting with PBS kids. He watches Disney on an antique ipad, but I will be giving him a Kindle Fire for his 8th birthday this week.

    My wife has a Win10 laptop she spends some time on, but mostly uses her iphone. She was issued a chromebook for work, but only uses that for specific functions.

    I have some laptops running various older Windows OS just because, but they only get turned on like once a year (if that). Its even rarer they go on the internet.

    Not a single non-work computer in the house is capable of running Windows 11.

    For work I mostly interact with Windows 10, with a random Mac and Linux Mint system thrown in.

  • I have a pair of antique secondhand 26" LCD panels on my geriatric gaming machine. A pair of 24inch monitors from work set up for work-from-home.

    My wife uses a 24" and a 20" on her 'work at home' desktop. I couldn't find a matched set.

    Everything else that isn't a laptop (systems that rarely get turned on except for single purpose shit) has random screens I had available from various sources, mostly 20" stuff I saved from the trash-heap.

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    Ugh. Keyboards.

    Thats... a thing. I wear out keyboards fast because I (still) type like I'm using a manual typewriter. So most of my keyboards are in various states of "no letters left visible on the keys" and "you have to punch the keys for letter to register.

    I do have a Dell keyboard that has lasted almost ten years on my 'gaming' computer somehow, without serious visible wear or loss of sensitivity. Plus either laptop keyboards are made tougher or I'm subconsciously easier on them.

    There are some wireless keyboards and mice in the house, but I don't actually vouch for any of them.

    I am interested in mechanical keyboards (not necessarily light up) but need to worry about a new computer that can handle modern programs before that. Priorities!

  • I've been doing some upgrades.

  • Oh! Lime. Good choice.

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    It's wall-to-wall Microsoft here... There are three Windows 2019 servers, five Windows 10 desktops and two Windows 10 laptops. There are three Android phones and one tablet in the house, too.

    My wife's MacBook Pro from 2007 or 2008 is still around, but she hasn't turned it on, since I got her a new Win10 laptop last Christmas.

    I can't type on those ergo-keyboards... Lately, I swear-by these: https://www.amazon.ca/Kensington-Keyboard-Cable-Computer-Membrane/dp/B0002SAF64

  • @fenomas said:
    I've been doing some upgrades.

    That can't be a picture of your old battlestation. You strike me more as Christina Aguilera and not Spears type person.

    I have successfully over COVID acquired & restored a Mac Classic (68k based, running MacOS 6.0.8, boots but no sound, I need to recap the whole board), Powerbook 180C, running System 7.x and a slot load iMac Blueberry G3 running MacOS9.

    Plus my Hayes 2400 baud still sealed Prodigy and Modem bundle.

  • We have at home: my PC, wife's PC, wife's work PC, 1 ipad, the kids school issued laptop & tablet, some phones. Win10 for the PCs, school tablet and iPad are apple, phones are Android. We use mechanical keyboards so the whole house can know when we are winning internet fights.

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