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  • Watch out world, this will see a flurry of activity!

    ...and then be forgotten about after a month. But until then, flurry of activity!

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    failed test

    I tried dragging an image in directly from here, but it failed.

    Also, there doesn't seem to be a way to completely delete a post.

  • Hmm.. Yeah permissions are elusive on this platform. Still trying to get some other modules going.

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    Saw a picture of her keyboard and lost interest. She seems to take pride in how gross it is.

    I'm curious though, if she did twitch and added chaturbate, or the reverse.

  • I don't have any idea. Wednesday I was looking for pretty naked girls, and I found her on Chaturbate holding forth on the reasons for and uses of religion. I checked a few minutes ago, and she was talking about the morality of bombing an entire country over the sins of a few of its members.

  • Chaturbate has some serious performances sometimes.

  • Hey, Clem, she just had a good rant that answered your question. She started with Twitch. To paraphrase, she was showing cleavage on Twitch and realized that Chaturbate was more honest. If she was going to be an exhibitionist, she was going to be a forthright exhibitionist!

  • Cool! Now she just has to clean her keyboard. ;-)

    But seriously. There are only a few things about 2017 I love, and the fact that Chaturbate and Twitch can coexist with the same 'performers' is one of them.

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    GOTD: Daniela Blume -- Wikipedia says that she is a sex therapist and stripper. Apparently, she was the stripper in residence for a Spanish television show and is a grade C celebrity in Spain.

  • Hmm . Makes me wonder how long it will be before they go the other way too.

  • I got some Nair for sensitive places. I'm gonna do it. Don't try and stop me.

  • I'm not trying to stop you so hard, I may as well be a stock photo.

  • The calm walking away was what made the video.

  • Sometimes I get the urge to hit people with things just to see what kind of noise it would make.

  • It seems like a drum would be a good choice for satisfying sounds.

    I used to have a lot of visions involving manhole covers. But every time I remember how heavy one of those damn things actually are I tend to come out of it. No way would I be running at someone with one of those over my head. Plus, the satisfying sound of a cover spinning on the pavement until it finally stops moving with a final 'thud' would be really hard to pull off in a situation like that.

  • Yeah, that brings back some memories...

    Only thing missing was the, boing-boing of the 56K connections.

  • Ah, yes. The good old days of init strings and waiting 3 minutes for an image to load on GOTD.


    Wait a minute. Why do I remember those days fondly again?

  • On occasion, I browse around Google street-view, in famous places... Something to do... Just to see what it's like. This morning, it was Monaco.

    Nowhere in the world is there a denser population of wealth and privilege.

    Whilst touring around, I came across the Ferrari of Monaco dealership...

    Yes... front and center... a 2005-2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee.

    Maybe an American 4WD SUV is a novelty over there...

  • If you are feeling politically incorrect: World IQ: Latest Update

  • I want that stained glass hung from every confederate monument in any city that Richard Spencer goes to visit.

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