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  • @Bill said: @filious said: yes. I don't. I think these days, twenty years into the twenty-first century, that racism is decried far more often than racism is actually observed. I'm going to encourage you to hav…
    in Steaming Ass Comment by Dave August 2020
  • that's the shit,
  • also your idea about the 50 pickup combos and 250 capacitors is completely insane. i mean, the pickup thing is mostly just unhinged, but the caps thing is .... how would you even fit those in the body? also the soldering will take forever. I woul…
  • @LonMabonJovi said: Dry up their revenue stream. You're acting like "crime" is a necessary thing here. I suggest to you that "here's the 15th video of a cop beating an innocent bystander for no reason at all" also suggests that the cops w…
    in Videos Comment by Dave June 2020
  • I have mastered the slow breakfast. Today was menemen with toast and cafe con leche. Incredibly awesome, get some menemen in your life ASAP.
  • Serious question, where will you get that many tires? Just buying them from a junkyard? I'm debating buying some dirt cheap land in bumfuck Georgia or Alabama, this might be something to do with it.
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  • @Clme said: That is at least a bit more believable than the "Corona virus is really just 5G sickness. China launched the most 5G towers first that's why its so bad there" Heh. Wait for the 'Vaping prevents COVID and that's why they tried…
    in Steaming Ass Comment by Dave March 2020
  • "Sugaree" (originally by the Grateful Dead) by Reina Del Cid "Jambalaya" (orig. Hank Williams) and one without Reina but by Toni (the blond guitarist) and her brother and...cousin? not 100% on that, but it's a great, great, great cover of St…
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  • @eod said: Woodworking? kuksa spoons
  • On the subject of theory, you may enjoy Adam Neely's youtube videos.
  • I wouldn't stress too hard on learning the notes (as long as you can figure it out pretty quick, it's usually NBD). I don't remember the particular context of me saying avoid hipshot but I can almost guarantee it was "avoid hipshot d-tuners" because…
  • School's out until 4/15 at least; realistically it's out for the rest of the year, IMO. We'll know more in 2 weeks, but testing's juuuuust started. They haven't even closed the beaches yet, and we have spring breakers screaming fuck corona like that…
  • @fenomas said: Since you're into this sort of thing: Count the words in the headline I don't follow how that's a hidden message
  • I suppose it depends on your metric for cool, but both amanda palmer and eddie vedder have uke albums
  • re: chords -- look up the CAGED method of chord theory for guitar (ie, those are the 5 basic shapes, that you can move up and down the neck. most easy/terrible punk is based on the A and E shapes, moved up and down the neck.) also, 5 strings isn'…
  • re: tuning heads -- avoid hipshot. they're cool but you're not there yet. grover and schaeller have the older/best reputation, gotoh right behind. kluson is ok. fender and gibson stock are ok. grover/schaller/gotoh have locking tuners, which, if you…
  • @Bill said: Other than on Rocksmith, I haven't been doing much with actual songs, yet. I've been working on chords and finger independence. Do you think I should look up some tab and give it a go? Would that be a better use of my time? i …
  • stick with it. wesley willis was tragically bad and he had an actual recording career. skill is not an impediment here.
  • you like some classic americana, right? CCR is right up your alley. open chords, but you can do barre chords, the changes aren't impossible or super fast, and you've heard the songs a million times. maybe leave bad moon rising for last.
  • @Clme said: I just lost over an hour digging through that guys website. look through the 'gruntle' directory. his interview in "coders" is really great.
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  • @Bill said: (Is it being made by an AI?) Generally, no. AI stuff is good tbh. I think you're rubbing up against the sameness of pop in general and the dumbing down of society as filtered through music. No one's got patience for complex o…