Two Observations

  1. I didn't know it at the time, but Doomy304 was a good friend and I was not. Sorry Doomy.
  2. Christopher Reeve called. Still dead.


  • Rat rat.. this and that.

    Rat rat.. How bout That?

    You still a ex-pat?

  • More like sex-pat

    Hue hue

  • Welcome back rat!

    In the end I wasn't very nice either. Though in a different, passive-aggressive way.

    Thanks for the update on Christopher Reeve. Let me know if you hear anything about Tom Petty, George Carlin, or Robin Williams.

  • Still an expat. Things go severely tits up here w/r/t Brexit, we'll boogie; but apart from that the grass is still greener here.

    Clem I'm not sure who was responsible for keeping track of those other gents, but my job was to keep everyone posted on Reeve's status.

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