• @Clme said:
    Maybe he left a copy of the health care plan in the Oval Office?

    Biden has said that Trump left him a "generous" letter in the Oval Office. I think you may be on to something.

  • Humorous, but "woke lefties being silly" feels like small potatoes in an age where the GOP is ~50% taken over by a literal violent cult.

  • Side note: now that "MTG" refers to a crazy lady, I wonder if Magic: The Gathering can sue for damage to reputation.

  • If she lost that court case then a crowdfund would spring up where her supporters would donate like a million bucks just to help 'own the libs' and 'fight cancel culture'.

    Just like the 200k she got in donations just for losing her committee positions.

  • If 50% of Republicans were a violent cult, the country would be on fire.

  • I said "50% of the GOP", oh he-who-never-reads-what-he's-replying-to. It was a reference to how many house GOP members gave Marjorie Taylor Greene a standing ovation.

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    Not only is it tipped sideways so its rotational axis is practically parallel to its orbital plane, it smells terrible, it's leaking everywhere, its magnetic field is an utter mess, and it has rings unlike any other planetary rings in the Solar System.

    The planet is aptly named.

  • Folks have started referring to Matt Gaetz as "pizzagaetz", and I gotta say that's a small point of light in the world.

  • Its a heck of a lot better than "gaetz-gate" at least. :)

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    She was in a seminar about gender feminism, so no surprise what she said was seen as discriminatory. I mean, the fact that it was actually discriminatory also helps, but context makes it worse.

    It would be interesting to know if she was really 'debating' or just having a karen-style fit too. Her later comments make it clear that she did not really consider it a debate.

  • i like how y'all have boiled this down to about three sentences per reply. it's impressive. a single one of these headlines would have arced through pen like a tsunami back in the day. this is brevity as a science

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    I'm just tired.

    I still feel the need to defend a viewpoint, but I just can't stay up all night writing multiple 1500 word dissertations on... say, why I believe that a trans person is not mentally ill or a danger to our nations children.

  • Trying to get a thought out on Twitter has been really helpful. I hated the character limit at first, but after a few years I'm looking for a site that only allows posts that would fit on a bumper sticker.

  • @Clme said:
    I'm just tired.

    I still feel the need to defend a viewpoint, but I just can't stay up all night writing multiple 1500 word dissertations on... say, why I believe that a trans person is not mentally ill or a danger to our nations children.


  • @eod said:

    I'll buy a NFT of that!

    I'm saving up to buy an NFT of a YouTube video.

  • I want to buy a NFT of a NFT of that guy's art.

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    I'm not too surprised by that. What I saw on January 4th and 5th on places like Parler was mostly a rallying cry to show up, with some folks planning on "finding a way" in to stop the vote once they got there. Things like tips on what weapons wouldn't get them arrested by D.C. police if they were caught with them on the Metro. What places to avoid because of rumors of Antifa activity if they didn't want a fight. What places to definitely visit because of rumors of Antifa activity if they did want a fight. Quite a few were looking to just scream and do some damage and put a scare in congress, not to execute a detailed plan. They were convinced that no matter what they did, they would still be behaving better than what they had built BLM up to being in their heads.

    Day of? I was at work so didn't see the social media shit personally. However, the public screenshots I saw immediately after were people all trying to figure out if they should meet somewhere, or if anyone had any maps. People deciding they were definitely going to fuck shit up after Trumps speech. People acting surprised that the DC cops weren't joining them in marching down to congress.

    But that is just most of them. We know there were still a few militia groups that were hoping/planning for something bigger to happen. Plus I am very curious about the people that got tours of the building despite the building being closed, and why any congresscritters would be tweeting their location or chatting with anyone but security or officials. I will always hope that it was just stupidity in the wake of an even more stupid incitement. But... well. They keep surprising me by being even more stupid than I had thought possible.

  • Whether it was centrally organized seems like an odd thing to focus on. From occupy to BLM to Qanon, surely the central feature of modern political action is that there doesn't necessarily need to be central organization?

  • As the president of Antifa, I can tell you that I keep detailed records of who shows up to each of our chapter meetings.

    But yeah, that's an excellent point. That's part of why we always hear about "Lone Wolf" actions despite there being an overarching movement.

  • The weird thing there is the dual-citizenship, no?

    At this point why would Pakistan accept the deportation of a UK citizen with a criminal record? :)

  • Missouri governor demands prosecution of reporter for 'decoding HTML source code' and reporting a data breach


  • Isn't viewing source the default thing everybody does whenever a government entity puts out a new website, because they _always _code something half-assed like that?

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