Libertarians are abandoning the libertarian party.

Its actually not because of this image. But maybe it should be?

Anyway. They're abandoning the party due to a takeover of the national organization and most of the state parties by the 'Mises' caucus. Which is a far-right, white supremacist, anti abortion, closed border, anti-trans, science denying caucus that worships Donald Trump.

But don't worry. They still think about the children. Actually there has been some news about that lately among some of their strongest supporters. Again. So...


  • A story in two parts.

    This is sometimes what they mean by "What if the child consents".

    It's not the only thing they mean. But sometimes it is. Either way, its still gross. Plus, its kind of a moderate position within the party now.

    Speaking of something that is a moderate position now....
    Here is a 14 year old article from the Mises caucus website. It is somehow still moderate compared to the rhetoric they give on their twitter accounts and in some speeches:

    I mean, it does make a couple of good points too, like about exceptions and carve-outs. But they come to a different conclusion about that than I do. :)

    Strangely that article still avoids the issue of when they consider a child to not be the property of their parents anymore, and when the money they earn working at another site is theirs instead of belonging to their father. If a child is involved in a "NAP" (non-aggression principle) dispute, that child may be involved as damaged property to it's guardians(owners). Not as a person who could qualify for NAP coverage on their own.

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