I predict that Trump will soon shift who he blames for children being separated from their parents when seeking asylum.

He'll shift the blame from Democrats to Jeff Sessions, and then use that to fire Jeff Sessions. He'll easily find a reason to fire the deputy AG Rosenstein. From there, he'll end the Mueller investigation.

Anyone else have predictions?


  • One I saw the other day was the prediction that Trump would move to federally legalize pot. The rationale being that it would not only distract people from baby internment camps and whatnot, but it would probably also get rid of Sessions, being that he's about the staunchest anti-pot guy in government.

    I'm not really sold on it, but with Trump you can't really rule anything out. I just wish the wheels of federal investigation would turn quicker - the stuff with his foundation sounded pretty promising.

    I'm still holding onto the prediction that he won't complete his term.

  • The left groups I've been following have a large number of people predicting he'll find a way to cancel 2018 elections and declare himself president-for-life. They he has a long-term plan.

    I don't know where they're getting that. I'm sorry, but if he had a long term plan he wouldn't be hemorrhaging staff the way he has been. They'd see an end-game and hang on for it. Instead, I believe he manages (poorly) by the seat of his pants. Or, sometimes, by the last thing he heard in a meeting before leaving the room. Is that Stephen Miller hiding behind the curtains whispering things into his ear and making sure he's the last one to speak to him? Yes, it is!

    Of course the thing that concerns me is that some of the left groups are beginning to be fine with spreading fake memes, since 'the right does it, why can't we?' I'm not comfortable with that shit. There is enough real atrocities out there that they don't need to discount everything by purposely spreading fake shit. Hell, there are enough accidental fake things out there we don't need to add to it on purpose.

    Purity tests are still a thing, too. No matter how much they preach 'vote for blue, no matter what' they won't actually do it.

    Of course the conservative groups I follow are going nuts this week too, about how 'hypocritical' the left is on immigration and how this is why November will be a red wave.

    Of course, they have never cared about facts in their memes, as long as they piss off the liberal/cuck/beta snowflakes. From what I can tell, at least a third of the members of those groups believe the Mueller investigation is really a secret Hillary long-game to disgrace Trump and 'steal' the presidency from him. Somehow losing the election was her plan all along! Comey was in on it! Mueller is really a Democrat! The other 2/3 may not believe it, but they don't correct or criticize any other members for saying it. Because the ends justify the means. If only they could agree on what the ends were beyond 'fuck immigrants' and 'piss off the left because they made fun of us on SNL'.

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    My predictions:

    1. I have no idea if Trump wants a second term, so this part is a non-prediction. He isn't going to be impeached, and he isn't going to resign.
    2. However, if Trump wants a second term, by the election he'll have a reasonable pile of accomplishments, despite his chaotic style of administration. It will be enough to secure the Republican nomination.
    3. There will be no anti-gay, anti-black, or anti-Jewish pogroms.
    4. The Democrats will again nominate a candidate that is reprehensible to white men and married white women.
    5. If he runs, Trump wins re-election by another narrow margin.

    PS: The above is null and void if Trump's health fails.

  • The dems have already moved to restrict people outside the party from running in 2020. They will pick someone lame, maybe even HRC again, and Bernie will run as an Independent.

  • The Dems will run Boring McBoringface, under the campaign slogan "you will go weeks at a time without hearing anything about me", and win by the biggest landslide in history.
  • Al Gore 2020? That's bold.

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    Ooh... nice Lon. Nice.

    To be honest, I really, really really hope its Elizabeth Warren. If I remember right the most they've been able to dig up on her so far is her belief that she has some American Indian heritage in her bloodline.

    At the very least if it turns out she killed someone I'm sure they deserved it.

  • Trump has turned off and de-motivated the entire left side of the Republican party, Pushed the moderates and independents to the Democrats and motivated and fired up the entire Democratic party and it's base.

    Provided the Democrats put up a half-decent candidate, particularly one willing to make a few conservative-leaning concessions; to earn a few moderate Republican votes in the red states... it'll be a massive loss for Trump. There aren't enough red necks and right-wing nutters in the country to over-come the disaster that Trump administration has been...

    In a (traditionally) red state members of the administration are getting booted out of restaurants. I don't think you can underestimate the bad feelings that Trump has created.

    Can the Dems shoot themselves in the foot, and loose the election... Sure. Trump winning in 2016 was helped along, by too many unforced errors on the Democrats side...

    Trump still has another year, eighteen months, to turn things around, but I think it's more likely that it will only get worse.

    I think the chances of Trump winning a second term is not much better than 1 in 15.

  • I hope you're right Rufus. But I'm seeing so much of the "I don't like this, but it was still better than voting for Hillary" and "I don't like very much of what Trump is doing but I love that its pissing off the liberals" that anecdotally its hard for me to believe there are still moderates out there. :-)

  • @Clme said:
    But I'm seeing so much of the "I don't like this, but it was still better than voting for Hillary"

    Oh, I think the democrats totally underestimated the number of people in America who HATE Hillary. I don't know if Berny would have done any better, but there were so many self inflicted wounds in the Democratic presidential campaign. I don't know if it was arrogance from Obama's easy victories or they didn't take the Republican's seriously.

    I don't hate Hillary. I think her heart was in the right place... She just had too much baggage that the Republicans could exploit.

    As I said, "provided the Democrats put up a half-decent candidate", Trump's reign will end after one term.

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