When Did the Ukulele Get Cool?


  • I remember stumbling into ridiculously good ukulele videos on YouTube years ago, so it's not a new thing... In some cases, things that weren't meant for ukulele at all... These are good ones, though... Thanks for posting them.

  • I think cute girls playing bad ukulele has been a thing since the early days of YouTube.

    But people playing good ukulele... that is definitely more recent. :-)

  • Hurrrmmmm. So 6-7 years ago I found this video on youtube of a scottish girl playing ukulele and it was amazing - she was amazing - and I listened to it over and over. And this thread brought it back, but I can't remember her name or the name of the song, and I can't find it and it's driving me nuts because relevant searches just turn up loads of recent links to America's Got Talent videos and such nonsense.

  • Huh. Actually now I'm wondering if I first discovered the ukeulele thing because of people linking videos here.

    Maybe I only remember the bad videos because they outnumber the good videos so damn much

  • I was at this show! The extra sounds are being done by Negativland, the Duke of Uke injures himself on a ceramic kitten but soldiers through with a nice Alanis Morrisette cover.

  • I suppose it depends on your metric for cool, but both amanda palmer and eddie vedder have uke albums

  • I am not ashamed to admit I actually enjoy the Amanda Palmer Uke songs.

    I can't recall if I shared this here a year or two ago, or just on facepunch. I know the people on facebreak either loved or hated it...

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