Stealth Office 365

I have Office 2010. For what I do, it does more than I need. I write simple stuff that doesn't need much formatting. I put together the occasional spreadsheet for personal use. Once in a while, a few times per year, I copy a picture or graphic from the web and paste it into Paint. Once in a while, less than a few times per year, I'll download a PowerPoint presentation someone has put together.

I don't want Office 365. I don't use most of its features, and I don't want to pay an annual fee. Yet when I started work on my novel today, I found that Office 365 had installed itself, or had been lurking in the weeds all along, and now it was insisting that I accept the terms of its license.

Fortunately, uninstalling the misbegotten thing seems to have solved the problem, and Office 2010 appears to be working again. I can see, however, how Microsoft incites such deep hatred.


  • Hell, I'm still using Office 2007 at home. It does what I want the few times a year I need it.

    But of course Win10 will nag you about new versions unless you uninstall the 'get office' app, and some of the notifications it gives you look like they are just prompts for updates.

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