Naked ladies in front of various computers early 2000s maybe


  • I have more to say about the technology than about the naked ladies... I'm not sure what that says about me.

    Don't get me wrong, I definitely appreciated the naked ladies. But when one of them is posing next to an antique 'caller ID' box I'm just distracted.

  • I like dating the pictures via the computers/technology I see in the background.

    That is how I get off.

  • I never foresaw a time when I would look at CRT displays with a giggle of nostalgia.

  • degauss it babe

  • Oh yeah baby. Now reboot the computer so you can change the screen resolution. That's right, change my settings NT4 style. Mmmmmm.

    Oooh... it is now safe to turn off the computer? You're a dirty girl! Talk init strings to me baby!

  • I'm going to tweak her autoexec.bat and config.sys to maximize her RAM, like no IT guy she's ever known.

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