Outboard Motor

The power supply on this computer has started to sound like an outboard motor. This disturbs me.

Do any of you even use desktop computers anymore, or are they just for dinosaurs like me?


  • I prefer a good desktop computer with multiple monitors. I never use mine though. I'm always on the couch with my laptop, in front of the TV. My oldest son uses it more, because Roblox doesn't work on his laptop (not sure why).

    He sit's in my office with Roblox on one screen and a YouTube video on the other, and sometimes one of his friends on the phone.

  • I keep one working, but mostly for utility/game purposes.

    If I had to choose between the laptop and the desktop... well, the laptop would win. But since I get the choice of having both, I have both.

    That said, a desktop will still usually come in cheaper for the same performance. That gap is closing though, (unless you're looking for high performance video or 'SLI' support or something). As desktop demand goes down outside of the gaming space, the 'cheap' pre-built desktop kits out there get refreshed with new models slightly less often.

    Whatever you do, make sure the new desktop has an SSD drive as its primary. Of course, you can always just repair(replace) your current power supply to, if the performance was adequate. It could serve you for another year or two.

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    I thought about just replacing the power supply. This thing is about seven years old, though, so it's probably time to replace the whole computer anyway. I'm going to get another desktop. I really don't have much use for a laptop.

  • If you're comfortable doing it you can just do it in the style of Theseus's ship. Replace the PSU now, the GPU next year, etc, until you have a new PC. (Or do you?!)
  • I've assembled my own computer before, but I asked myself if I really felt like messing around with it. The honest answer is that I didn't, so I just ordered a Dell from Amazon. Considering how long I tend to keep computers, an extra hundred bucks or two doesn't mean much.

    That said, I do have an unused power supple around here somewhere, and I might get around to fixing this one once the new one is up and has all my stuff transferred over to it.

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