Vikings: War of Clans

I've been playing this for a month now ... kind of a MMO take on Sid Meyers Civ with a healthy heaping if pay to win thrown in. Fun as hell! Frustrating as shit!


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    Ooh... I love games like that (minus the pay to win).

    ....but I can't start anything that doesn't end in a reasonable time. My willpower is too damn weak and I end up playing at work or staying up too late to get the boy to school on time in the morning.

    Last time we ended up as a group playing in one of these things I go waaaaay too into it.

  • There is some sort of Pyrrhic victory in making someone spend money to beat you that makes me happy, especially if they wind up paying to lose. This game takes pay to win to a whole new level too, the packs they offer through the cash shop are different depending on your profile and how much you have spent. I spent five dollars and was a god for a little while, but then you run out of boosts and you're out on the street corner suckin dick for resource yielding speed-ups. It is kind of fascinating, and I've made some good friends.

  • The other thing that is weird as fucking shit is the game will get mentioned by low level youtubers, and their fan base will mob the place. The first server I was on, a guy from youtube named Outlaw mentioned the game in his youtube channel, he has like 75k subscribers and reviews different chewing tobaccos, so all these people have names like dipper79 or cope8 or some version of the outlaw name.

  • Dude, you can't just say "pay to win" and then "check it out" in the same sentence...

  • Oh sure you can. I've been playing on the cheap and enjoying it, if you do the events you get more than enough gold to stay shielded, and the shield is helpful because literally anyone can attack you no matter how much bigger they are than you. The most powerful player on our server must have spent thousands on his account.

    I'm offended by pay to win too, but this game is so bad it's just fascinating. I've watched people pay to buy troops and resource, only to get farmed by someone else who paid. Some of these people spend hundreds, and the game offers them shittier and shittier deals the more they pay to win. The software they use to determine who gets offered what pack is fairly controversial.

    Old folks like me who have played some Civ or ArchAge have an advantage, I can already set small clans on fire and I have a very long way to progress.

  • Hehe, fair enough. But don't you want to try a real game like EVE? (sinister laugh)

  • I reactivated my account a bit ago, but for some reason I can't get hooked on it.

  • I've actually never looked closely at it. I'm really curious but some part of me is certain I'd either hate it or like it way too much.

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    The 'liking things way too much' has kept me primarily on single player games for awhile. I did actually try something that Biggles had recommended about 4 years ago, and liked it, but wasn't serious enough of a player for even the random raiding crowds to put up with me.

  • Overwatch is fun for multiplayer. There's no progression of any kind, so no grinding, raiding, etc.
  • Hmm. So then I just have to worry about it being addictive enough that I forget what time it is and miss work, or hating the people I'm playing with so much that I become homicidal. :-)

    (I really do miss playing games, at this point I'm just being difficult for the sake of convincing myself I shouldn't play)

  • Hating the people on your team is definitely a risk.
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