Audacious Political Prediction

Here is a prediction about the next presidential primaries by a young guy who likes to play with numbers. He believes "Kamala Harris will be the Democrat nominee." Of course, any windbag can make political predictions. I find his interesting because he is numerically literate and provides his reasoning.

I neither endorse nor condemn his conclusion.



  • False advertising, link contained no interesting/numerical arguments. It was just "character attacks against minorities make us look racist" but longer.

    That said, saying the Dems "sense they have the upper hand" and attributing it to race is a good chuckle. I mean, there's not really anything else big and polarizing going on in national politics right?

  • The only thing I learned there is that Harris banged Willie Brown. :)

    (Although I suspect he took liberties with his 'Yap music' quote).

  • I guess it's well known in California that she was his girlfriend for awhile and that he helped her out politically. Anyway, make sure you check out the video, if you haven't.

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    Yes, I did. Calloway is almost always good.

    Plus damn near every time I hear Minnie the Moocher I end up looking up a few different versions of St. James Infirmary.

    Its always a good time to link to this:

    In addition to using a version of Minnie the Moocher, Calloway's dancing was rotoscoped for the ghost walrus character.

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