The Tulsi Gabbard File



  • It shocked the hell out of me. I was expecting her to drop out and run as a libertarian.

  • I wasn't expecting her to run as a spoiler but I can't believe she threw down for Biden. Hillary and Barack must have taken her in a room and worked her over ...

  • I mean, he's promised to pick a woman as a running mate, so this may not exactly be 8-dimensional chess...

  • God, if he did that then it would be worse than Hillary picking Tim Kaine. Like, instead of doing nothing for him it would actually actively hurt him.

    I've heard Kamala Harris as a favorite. Some mutterings about Amy Klobuchar (meh) and even Warren. But of course all the money is on him not picking Warren since Mass. has a Republican governor who would appoint a spoiler in her place.

  • I keep waiting for HRC to jump out from behind a bush

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