Jeffery Epstein

"There are two terms that they use to describe billionaires, eccentric and reclusive, and it basically boils down to how flagrant their pedophilia is."


  • Ok.... Prosecute both.

    Seriously. Clinton and Esptein have been in the news since 2003, since it came out that he had been taking regular rides in the 'lolita express' (his private jet). No one would come right out and say he had been fucking the 12 year olds, but hey let's give them a chance to prove it. (Although... usually the online sources willing to delve into this say that the lack of child-fucking evidence is said to be part of the #clintonbodycount or #killary conspiracies). Of course this all came out after Clinton left office... and most of the airplane rides happened afterward too.

    Trumps relationship with Epstein has a lot more witnesses and may have been going on much longer than the one with Clinton. But... Trump is also very closely connected with Alexander Acosta. Acosta is a man who back in 2007 sealed a case so that no one will find out the extent of all the accusations against Epstein and all the famous people he was pimping for. He is also now the Secretary of Labor for Trump.

  • Ann Coulter articles? Is that how little you think of this place? :#

  • Related anecdote: a while back I ran across a kook arguing that Joe McCarthy had actually been posthumously vindicated (which even for conspiracy theories is a weird star to hitch your wagon to). Anyway I read up on it a little and apparently the idea was popularized by one of Coulter's books.

  • I'm not even sure it was a relevant link, Trump gets name checked briefly but is hardly the focus of the podcast. They spend a lot more time on Epsteins egg shaped, semi erect penis.

    These crimes should have been prosecuted, whether you have a D or and R or Prince in front of your name.

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