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  • I'm kicking around some ideas for a fantasy novel. One of the ideas is that anyone can become a wizard, mage, sorcerer, etc., but in order to do so they must go through an agonizing ritual that has a fifty percent chance of death if you are young an…
  • Man who posed as a housewife pleads guilty to making secret sex tapes with 150 men
    in Headlines Comment by Bill September 21
  • So, do you believe it is prehistoric porn or a sex education tool? Ain Sakhri lovers figurine Also, Wikipedia
    in 8=======D Comment by Bill September 16
  • The Vibrator's Origin Story Is Fantastically Scandalous, But It's Also Probably Fake
  • This is different: Cheerleader pummels girl who challenges her to fight
  • Sexually frustrated dolphin named Zafar terrorises tourists on French beach
    in Headlines Comment by Bill August 27
  • We are nearly to the point where embryo selection will be feasible. I can foresee parents being socially blamed for having children with known genetic problems, but holding them legally responsible is a higher hurdle.
  • As a statement that broad, I don't see anything to argue with.
  • @filious said: No no, you set the bar for worthy immigration as immigrants that are a net benefit to citizens. There's innumerable examples of immigrants providing a net benefit, why kick out legal immigrants before they've had the time to provi…
    in Reality TV Comment by Bill August 12
  • @Rufus said: As a citizen of a country that embraces and celebrates diversity, successfully, your assertion is nonsense to me. My Canadian relatives are against immigration and always have been as far back as I can remember. Your country …
    in Reality TV Comment by Bill August 12
  • I think that might be what fenomas was aiming at.
  • There's nothing magical about being founded by immigrants. All countries on the planet were founded by immigrants.
    in Reality TV Comment by Bill August 12
  • We know that some brain chemistries make various persons more disposed toward anger, fear, depression, anxiety, etc. In some sense we can say that a given disposition lessens someone's free will. For example, someone who feels a lot of habitual ange…
  • If you like weird fiction, The Gods of Pegana by Lord Dunsany is great.
    in Books Comment by Bill August 11
  • I don't believe that study. I've seen other studies that are far more convincing. There is nothing wrong with simple nationalism, and there is no reason at all that citizens should have to share their country if they prefer not to. Cultural diver…
    in Reality TV Comment by Bill August 11
  • The brain works as a immensely complex network of neurons that receive stimulation from other neurons. If the stimulation of a neuron reaches a threshold, it sends an electro-chemical pulse down the axon, i.e. it fires, which stimulates other neuron…
  • Citizens have a right to be here. Immigrants do not.
    in Reality TV Comment by Bill August 11
  • The first amendment is mentioned in the press frequently. You'd think that just about all Americans would at least get freedom of speech, press, and religion, but apparently not.
    in 8=======D Comment by Bill August 10
  • @Rufus said: Not content with deporting illegal immigrants, now the Trump administration wants to start deport the legal ones too. Reading the article, this is rational behavior on the part of the United States. Most immigrants are not of…
    in Reality TV Comment by Bill August 10
  • @Rufus said: And chain migration is evil... unless it's our family: Warren Buffet takes tax deductions that he thinks should be eliminated. Most laws a…
    in Reality TV Comment by Bill August 10
  • A lot depends on whether someone is capable of knowing right from wrong but chooses the wrong action. If a three year old trips someone at the top of the stairs, there will be no punishment because the three year old isn't capable of telling right f…
  • @Rufus said: Didn't they teach this stuff in school? Repeatedly.
    in 8=======D Comment by Bill August 9
  • Young Girls Creeped Out By Older Scientists Constantly Trying To Lure Them Into STEM
    in Steaming Ass Comment by Bill August 9
  • The headline is funny.
    in Headlines Comment by Bill August 9
  • Apple, Facebook, and Google's YouTube Simultaneously Ban Conspiracy Theorist Alex Jones
    in Headlines Comment by Bill August 8
  • Survey Shows Shocking Percentage of Americans Are Unable to Name a Single First Amendment Right -- I remembered all five.
    in 8=======D Comment by Bill August 6
  • I've always wondered if he average conspiracy theorist actually believes the conspiracy or just pretends to believe the conspiracy in order to make life more amusing.
  • Final police report on Las Vegas shooting unable to determine motive
    in Steaming Ass Comment by Bill August 4
  • The Family That Built an Empire of Pain
    in Good Articles Comment by Bill July 29
  • Trump has an advantage over much of his opposition (I can't estimate what percentage) in that he isn't insane.