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  • @fenomas said: That's utter nonsense. Most cops are white; do you go around claiming the police controlled by the whites? Well, yes, in most jurisdictions. If you want to claim the press is controlled by the Democrats, look for evid…
  • It does support the claim. It doesn't absolutely prove it, but it does support it. It's easy to show that those institutions are majority Democrat or lean Democrat. If you want to show that despite this being true the Democrats don't actually con…
  • Man suspected of attacking wife with chain saw was deported 11 times
    in Headlines Comment by Bill July 15
  • @fenomas said: "Hollywood is controlled by the Jews" and "this study says N% of Hollywood producers are Jewish" are separate, indeed unrelated, claims. Surely even you see that? I certainly wouldn't say that they are unrelated.
  • Prediction about Supreme Court: Brett Kavanaugh is neither a Nazi nor a fascist. There will be no earthshaking changes in the Republic. If Roe v. Wade is eventually overturned, abortion will remain legal in most states. Some states will outlaw it…
  • Example that took less than a minute to find: Survey: Educators' Political Leanings, Who They Voted For, Where They Stand on Key Issues Another example that took less than a minute to find (and a few minutes to read): Are feds Democrats or Republ…
  • @fenomas said: @Bill said: [vague hand-waving claim that isn't falsifiable] is well documented. Just Google it. I'll get right on that, you nutball caricature of yourself you Side note: given that the Democrats c…
  • @Clme said: Fox News is the number one cable and internet news service in our country. They are also the only member of the top four our President will still talk to, and the only ones that Sarah Sanders will address without insulting. Oh…
  • I'm not saying there is a deep state. It would be nice if there were hidden persons in charge who know what they are doing, but I don't see it. On the other hand, the fact that the permanent bureaucracy, the press, (and the educational establishm…
  • It it a conspiracy when it is out in the open?
  • The permanent bureaucracy is controlled by the Democrats, as is the press.
  • A Gang of Suspected Rhino Poachers Has Been Eaten by Lions in South Africa
    in Headlines Comment by Bill July 6
  • Chicken of the trees: Eating Florida's iguanas
    in Headlines Comment by Bill July 2
  • Laura Ingalls Wilder's name removed from award over racism concerns
    in Steaming Ass Comment by Bill June 25
  • There are a lot of people I disagree with that I don't think have nefarious motives. The guy who wrote that article is condemned by the way he arranged it, and it's absolutely obvious if you don't have preconceived notions.
  • My predictions: * I have no idea if Trump wants a second term, so this part is a non-prediction. He isn't going to be impeached, and he isn't going to resign. * However, if Trump wants a second term, by the election he'll have a reasonable pil…
    in Predictions Comment by Bill June 23
  • Truth is harsh, and history is an unpleasant subject. Most wars have been fought over land. If you want to keep land, you must be willing, and able, to defend it.
    in 8=======D Comment by Bill June 23
  • @fenomas said: Mate, you hold fringe views. A journalist seeing things differently from you is not something we need to imagine explanations for. He clearly buried the facts that made the shooting reasonable in order to make it look like …
  • The author of that article fooled you, Clme. The officer wasn't a green officer; he was an experienced officer on the job since 2011. The reason why he was just sworn in was because he was changing his place of employment. Notice how the author did …
  • I suspect he knew that he was doing his best to start a riot.
  • Has the West the Will to Survive?
    in 8=======D Comment by Bill June 22
  • Admit it: the asshole who wrote that article is doing his best to start a riot.
  • I was vaguely aware that one of the Python crew was gay.
    in YIL Comment by Bill June 22
  • Saving the most important information until last is not what's taught in journalism class.
  • bear raiding kitchen for sweets
    in Steaming Ass Comment by Bill June 22