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  • Technician Accidentally Sets off an F-16 Cannon, Blows Up Another F-16
    in Headlines Comment by Rufus October 15
  • I remember it being a thing years ago, in reference to flushing unused medications... The idea that active medication ingredients being excreted by people are also contributing to an environmental problem is a newer problem to me.
    in Steaming Ass Comment by Rufus October 12
  • Sometimes I think the phishing scammers aren't really trying... I never knew the Canada Revenue Agency operates out of Redmond, Washington.
  • @Bill said: Good God! I have enough to feel guilty about. This isn't a new issue, and certainly not isolated to anti-depressants. This, from 2010:,28804,1976909_1976907_1976871,0…
    in Steaming Ass Comment by Rufus October 10
  • Houston Votes to Ban Businesses From Letting People Fuck Humanlike Devices In-Store
    in Headlines Comment by Rufus October 9
  • This is old... but it came up in the discussion that has come out of the recent UN climate report. Someone suggested that if it was an asteroid th…
    in Good Articles Comment by Rufus October 9
  • Oh I know there are lots of Republicans angry about the confirmation process and how it went down, but it will be difficult for a large number of them to remain angry enough, given that they got what they wanted. The problem that I see with all t…
    in Reality TV Comment by Rufus October 8
  • The Republicans and their base are happy... they got their way... If the election were within the next couple weeks, that would carry over to the polls. By the time the election rolls around in November, it will have been forgotten. It seems like ge…
    in Reality TV Comment by Rufus October 7
  • So, Pence has just announced that Justice Kegger has been confirmed to the Supreme Court. {sour face}
    in Reality TV Comment by Rufus October 6
  • Things are pretty tense this week... So what do people think... Is the frat boy going to make it onto the court? It occurred to me yesterday that this may be Trump's on…
    in Reality TV Comment by Rufus September 28
  • Here's the order: Iron Man (2008) The Incredible Hulk (2008) - Ok to skip this one... decent movie, but you won't miss much... Iron Man 2 (2010) Thor (2011) Captain America: The First Avenger (2011) The Avengers (2012) Iron Man 3 (2013) T…
  • @filious said: BUCKBEAK IS CRITICAL TO THE PLOT YOU TAKE THAT BACK YOU FILTHY MUDBLOOD! Which one was Buckbeak, was that the Robbie Coltrane character? No... it was his pet... I think... It's been a while. I still ha…
  • Olympia woman refuses to pull over for WSP trooper because she drives a Prius
    in Headlines Comment by Rufus September 24
  • @fenomas said: @Rufus said: If, on the other hand, a guy can pass through walls because he can magically manipulate his quantum state, so as to throw his molecules out of phase with normal matter (or some science-y mumbo-jumbo like …
  • @Bill said: So I did some quick research and calculations. If twelve percent of young First Worlders are willing to risk the initiation ritual when they find out that magic works, that means five million young people, give or take, in the United …
  • @fenomas said: I have a pet peeve about that. It bugs me when stories have science and magic both as known things, but for no apparent reason the one is rational people and chemicals and the other is emos and fireballs, and never the twain shall …
  • @Bill said: How about those who are reading this? Would you have gone for it as a teen? If you have kids now, would you take the chance once they are grown, or would the chance of missing out on your grandkids be too much to risk? How about age s…
  • @Bill said: Additionally, the more a given magical objective violates the laws of physics, the harder it is to accomplish. In other words, being a magician doesn't allow you to speak a few words in fake Latin and do whatever you want. Wondrous fe…
  • @Bill said: Man who posed as a housewife pleads guilty to making secret sex tapes with 150 men … because Florida.
    in Headlines Comment by Rufus September 21
  • I don't think I could bring myself to try one...
  • in a world so full of stupid, how about this piece of stupid, to cleanse your pallet:
  • @Clme said: For awhile on various social medias I was trying to make the most extreme parodies I could of various right wing figures. Dana with the NRA is one of them. I can no longer parody them without pulling in alien mind control or s…
  • @Bill said: The Vibrator's Origin Story Is Fantastically Scandalous, But It's Also Probably Fake It made for an entertaining movie, but I never imagined it was an actual historic theory.
  • NRA TV depicts 'Thomas & Friends' characters in KKK hoods Wait, what!?!
  • Dallas cop thought she killed an intruder in her home. But he wasn't an intruder — and he wasn't in her home
    in Headlines Comment by Rufus September 7
  • Black teen handcuffed in Milwaukee suburb while riding home from church with his white grandmother
    in Headlines Comment by Rufus September 7
  • You know what would be funny... If it came out that it was Ivanka that wrote the OpEd… Implausible, but hilariously funny.
    in Reality TV Comment by Rufus September 6
  • I don't know about this "reality" show any more... I think the writers have lost the plot... They've gone too far... The shit they're doing on the show now are so far beyond plausible, it's ridiculous. If it gets any sillier, I'm going to call bulls…
    in Reality TV Comment by Rufus September 6
  • Aww... :-(