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  • Based on a court hearing today in California, he's getting ready to plead the 5th in the Stormy Daniels case... which implies that he's got incriminating information... at least about himself. Also, Stormy Daniels' attorney believes that there is…
  • @Clme said: I keep confusing "The Rock" with Vin Diesel. That's a mix-up that imagine neither of them would appreciate.
  • @Bill said: Benjamin Victor Studios Those are some pretty incredible sculpture.
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  • Who isn't?
  • You just can't make this stuff up:
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  • He gave his dashcam video to cops to clear his name. Instead, it got him new charges.
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  • @Clme said: Old Porsche you say? Relatively speaking... @Clme said: Seriously though. Reading that was a pleasant distraction from the new war we're apparently in. You Americans... You think your bombs and missiles are s…
  • @Rufus said: What cooks my bacon is that this engine and transmission have no dip-sticks. You check the engine oil on the dash (in the menus) and the transmission is "sealed for life". Oh yeah... No dipstick for the oil in the Porsche eit…
  • As a side-show for this whole saga... We stopped for lunch at a KFC, after seeing the M3s. As we're sitting down to eat, the wife pointed out a black e92 3-series (328i or 335i) that had just been pulled over by the Toronto Police out front. "There'…
  • TL;TR??? I bought and old Porsche... It's wonderful... I'm freaked out...
  • Continued... (wow, long post) There was a couple extras costs for the sale (car dealer up-sale FTW)... $199 for some sort of any-theft program where I get a $4000 discount on my next car, if it's ever stolen and not recovered (whatever). I let t…
  • It's been a anxious and stressful week. I'm kinda flying without a parachute, with this car, since I've spent a LOT more than I set out to spend; when I decided to buy a summer-funtime car. I'll be fine, financially, but I don't have much in reserve…
  • @Clme said: Needs a racing stripe and a NOS sticker. :-) HAhahahah.....   No.
  • OMGWTFIVEDONEITAGAIN!!! 2004 Porsche 911 Carrera, 6-speed manual. 73,160 kms (45,725 miles for the non-metric). 3.6 L H-6, 320 HP. Can't find a flaw on it. No evidence of the IMS having been done, so I'll likely lay out the money to do th…
  • Yeah, that brings back some memories... Only thing missing was the, boing-boing of the 56K connections.
  • Sorry, burning rubber is not a form of protected speech, police in Maine say
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  • Me as well... I'll hit the 20 year mark at my employer on this coming May 19th.
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  • Bill doesn't get hyperbole, either.
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  • Scenario one: "Those kids must be puppets because I don't know what hyperbole means" I wonder how many NRA members know what it means...
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  • @Clme said: This was not at all what I thought it was going to be from the headline. Its so much worse. QFT. Not at all as entertaining as the headline promised.
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  • Given that the headlines assertion (although, technically true) had nothing to do with the accident, I put it in the "clickbait" category. Full points for the headline, though...
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  • @Clme said: I'll never get over how little room there is inside some modern engine compartments. Nice car! Thanks! The shock towers are big and intrusive... and Mercedes packages everything really tight. The big plastic engine c…
  • Police: Man drove stolen car to court for stolen car charge
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  • MURICA!!!
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  • They tried soooo hard... It's still lame, though... :-/
  • This reminds me of the book my Mom used, to have the 'birds and the bees' talk when I was a kid... I don't recall reading anything from the book, and the illustrations looked like native American / aboriginal abstract art. The book was useless...
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