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  • There was a star trek episode about this. A psychopath had his brain fixed so he could empathize and he was crushed by guilt/regret. Voyager "repentance" It was Voyager so probably not good.
  • All of the above? Someone's gotta sweep floors, pick produce at farms and do kitchenwork at restaurants. Sure, kick out the ones that break the law but they all ought to have a shot.
    in Reality TV Comment by filious August 13
  • No no, you set the bar for worthy immigration as immigrants that are a net benefit to citizens. There's innumerable examples of immigrants providing a net benefit, why kick out legal immigrants before they've had the time to provide that benefit?
    in Reality TV Comment by filious August 12
  • Most existing citizens are not of net benefit either, may as well deport them too. All the lazy rich kids of Instagram, trailer trash, blogging professionals, social media experts, starving artists, homeless people, tv anchors, the elderly, kids, p…
    in Reality TV Comment by filious August 10
  • You're right, immigrants like Tesla and Einstein didn't contribute shit.
    in Reality TV Comment by filious August 10
  • Huh? There's millions of truck drivers.
  • I think Elon milks his cult of personality to gather capital, like those flamethrowers or the options packages that don't exist/aren't enabled. I think Tesla cars are great but they really gotta get massive production increases to become/stay …
  • Anyone ever read the Aubrey/maturing books? Good stuff, here's a quote "But you know as well as I, patriotism is a word; and one that generally comes to mean either my country, right or wrong, which is infamous, or my country is always right, …
    in Steaming Ass Comment by filious June 3
  • Sex without a condom is more exciting? More likely to have any kind of sex with someone who's attractive? Wowee! Responding to the bareback article:
    in Good Articles Comment by filious May 20
  • I posted it before or in the FB group maybe. I'm just fond of it.
  • I'm on job 5 since graduating in 2007. Pretty low average, not sure if I'm unreasonable or restless. Steady pay increases the whole way, doing well but when I look at my work history I shudder a bit