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  • hey let's push this back just a touch if you don't mind, I get my hip replaced on the 14th but I'm barely getting around so like the 16th or something
  • that almost tops SET SAIL FOR DICK
  • You still drink the Mickey's Big Mouths?
  • Since everything is still working and I'm not staring at the wall, probably after the fireworks Sun/Mon/Etc whichever works
  • That would be amazing as long as it's not any inconvenience, I'll come meet you wherever
  • ugh today a windows update fucked my mouse up, so I figure may as well fix this thing ... but I'm thinking I'll have to slave this drive to something else to get it completely formatted the full reset for windows 10 doesn't find unallocated space…
  • I guess if he OD'd and stroked out while the cops were attempting to subdue him, and they were unable to resuscitate him, then that's an accident. That's not what happened, though. When the dude lost bowel control and went still those cops should ha…
  • I am, but space really hasn't been an issue. Whatever it was that kept me gaming all these years seems to not work anymore, lately it seems like I get more satisfaction from fixing shit and pulling weeds? I will keep that in mind though, thank yo…
  • I will just assign it a letter for now, then do another install at some point and fix it that way. I was surprised by the ease of making a partition, I was messing with Skyrim mods and needed to move it off C: so I gave it plenty of room, but I d…
  • It gives an option to create space in an empty NTFS folder, but ...
  • zombiemud and no talking, it's perfect
  • called the cops + putting square burgs on round buns
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  • Old Man Leaker was pretending to have a kid a Sandy Hook? https://twitter.com/WolfTheRed/status/1270369754432356352
  • https://codepen.io/yungchomsky/pen/BNVxmL
  • US Military Could Lose Space Force Trademark to Netflix Series
    in Headlines Comment by LonMabonJovi June 8
  • https://twitter.com/stavvybaby/status/1267971236832980992
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  • Cops out here will sit at the freeway exit and check plates until they find expired tags/no insurance or get a positive for a warrant. Once they have you pulled over, if they see or smell anything they don't like they will bring more cops and a dog.…
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  • Spain porn star held after man dies in toad venom ritual
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  • I need to write the DNS numbers down for Pen somewhere safe
  • I don't understand how putting all the cops in big cities on double overtime all weekend and giving them license to crush hippie skulls teaches them any fucking lessons. Cops aren't going to start walking their beats because their squad car got wrec…
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  • I've been beating up twitter pretty good, it's as close as you can get to the good old days with anonymous trolling. Do you still have the shop, and if so what are ya building?
  • https://www.reddit.com/r/EmpireDidNothingWrong/
  • "The examination of Vladimir “Zev” Zelenko’s records began when an associate, conservative commentator Jerome Corsi, accidentally sent an email intended for Zelenko to another “Z” name in his address book — federal prosecutor Aaron Zelinsky, who as …
  • https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/1252204786059018240 It took the DNC almost two years to decide who the best person was to defeat DJT in 2020, and this is what they came up with.
  • https://www.reddit.com/r/SandyCheeksCockVore/comments/ffs302/they_shared_it_when_nobody_else_would/
  • "Toby Young has always embodied contradictions, even if simply by being interested in eugenics while looking like an unviable foetus." https://theovertake.com/~beta/frankie-boyle-did-you-ever-wonder-what-youd-be-doing-during-an-apocalypse/
  • Word on the street is that carrier docked in Vietnam two weeks before the captain called for help, but I don't know whose idea that was or how much it influenced the decision to fire him.
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  • https://twitter.com/LonMabon/status/1244278227960356864