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Only Donald Trump could take an event, to honour native American WWII veterans, and use it as an opportunity to make a racially insensitive (at best) attack on a political rival. Also, bonus points for having the event in the shadow of a portrat of Andrew Jackson.



  • It would be easy to think that Trump stirs up these kinds of fire-storms, to distract from the real disasters that he and the Republicans are about to inflict on the country. I don't think that's the case, however. I don't think Trump is that clever... and I don't believe that he puts that much thought into the things he says, regardless.

  • I think people believe that because of the increase in tweets whenever there is bad news coming involving his administration.

    However, I have to agree with your point about cleverness. I think the tweets just increase because he tweets when he is pissed off, constipated, vindictive, or immediately after getting a psychological blowjob from the diplomats of other countries.

    Events are another matter. He avoids the press like they were an ex-wife most of the time... but then his handlers allow things like the Andrew Jackson portrait. It works though... it actually made him MORE popular amongst some members of his base. Not because they didn't think it was insensitive... but because it pissed off the liberal pussies soooo much. Anything that pisses off liberals is automatically good, even if it kills everyone.

  • I don't put much past the members of his base... These are people that believe that a Democrat is worse than a pedophile.

  • Protect the unborn, but fuck the babies.

    Double entendre intended.

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    This is a long article that serves as a handy summary of recent events: The U.S. Media Suffered Its Most Humiliating Debacle in Ages: Now Refuses All Transparency Over What Happened

    I looked up the author, and he isn't a Republican shill.

    Note that the article keeps going below several interruptions that make it look like it has ended.

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    "And in that moment I realized that fake news is the news that you WANT to be true."

    ~ Ivan Stang, after learning that Tennessee would not in fact be offering "There's no prob with Bob" customized license plates as the result of a lawsuit brought by the Chrurch of Satan.

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    For everything Bill says about the average intelligence of blacks, you gotta admit they stepped up and saved Alabama from electing the utter cretin that whites overwhelmingly supported.

  • Faith in humanity restored... a little...

  • sigh People keep commenting on news articles and bookface about how the CDC can just change the words slightly and still use them. However, I think they're forgetting something: 1) This is just a preliminary budgeting requirement, and any mass ban on words will likely be even more draconian once the powers-that-be see what they put into the budget instead, and 2) You damn well know the intent is any form of these words, not just these forms and tenses.

    I'm halfway surprised they didn't ban the word 'science' all together.

  • CDC Director Now Says There Are No 'Banned' Words at The Agency

    In the days since, the CDC and the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) have denied that the list of words constituted a ban.

    "As I have said previously, there are no banned, prohibited, or forbidden words at the CDC - period," said CDC Director Brenda Fitzgerald in a statement to Futurism.

  • From the NPR version of this article:

    But Fitzgerald did not deny that some staff may have been instructed to avoid certain language in key budget documents.

  • The story appears to be that there was no "attack on science" but rather an attempt to avoid offending congresscritters.

  • Which is at least as scary as an attack on science, quite frankly.

    "You must avoid speaking about our research, or you won't get funded by congress" is fucking horrible.

  • Trump left us a parting gift, before heading off on holiday:

  • Sounds pretty good to me.

  • Religious people are usually okay with someone else being sacrificed at the altar of their beliefs, yeah.

  • No one's being sacrificed. They're just being prevented from coming here.

  • What I said.

    Taking "I am okay with this because it conforms with my religion and the people who suffer from it are not-me-or-anyone-I-care-about" as the default political position of the human race, the defining element isn't the nature of the suffering, it's the other two bits.

  • How about: I support it because it helps the United States?

  • That's not a standard I've ever seen you apply. Your position here has consistently been that if a policy is presented as being anti-immigration, you're for it, period, no matter what. I've never seen you take any interest in the specifics of what the US gains at what cost and why the former outweighs the latter (or even how/whether the policy actually affects immigration, for that matter). Hence: "religion".

    (The more prosaic answer is that you're begging the question. Trump's immigration policies don't help the United States.)

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    So, the level of discourse has descended to, "mine is totally bigger than yours", now.

    Is it ok, that I'm not surprised?

  • I'm not surprised, I'm disappointed.

    I'm also disappointed in the people that are saying "Yeah, America's dick is totally bigger than North Korea's. Go Trump!"


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    In today's episode, a book comes out confirming everyone's worst suspicions about Trump, and Trump responds by saying "nu-uhhh"...

    Edit: Trump later adds, "Shut up!"

  • I actually enjoyed that the publishers response to a cease and desist lawsuit was to push up the release of online copies to today.

    I'm almost tempted to buy a copy... but I'm not sure if I want to read it as a comedy or to raise my blood pressure.

  • "Why do we want all these people from 'shithole countries' coming here?"

    Palpatine: [laughing] Good! Your hate has made you powerful.

  • @Bill said: matter how little they may contribute to America..

    Hypothesis: the median Hatian immigrant has probably contributed more to America than Bill or Steve Sailer.

  • He... didn't mean shithole when he said shithole?

    Or... if he did, he wasn't talking about the people there just the locations themselves?

    SO... he totally wasn't saying shithole because they were black, but because they live in an environment that they would want to get the fuck out of?

    Also... the best and brightest aren't the ones coming here, so fuck the shitheads from the shithole.

    Do I have that right? How is that actually different than how the 'liberals' mentioned in the article comments are taking it?

  • @Clme said:
    He... didn't mean shithole when he said shithole? Or... if he did, he wasn't talking about the people there just the locations themselves?

    Respectfully, it doesn't sound like you read the article. It doesn't argue that Trump isn't racist or that he wasn't saying something awful or whatever, it's basically doing the "it's cool because those countries are shitholes" hot take.

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