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    But at least he never wore a tan suit or got caught putting a black man's feet on a desk!

  • The 'obstruction of justice' drum-beat is picking up pace.

  • Full disclosure: I did not watch the State of the Union last night. I would rather listen to a nails-on-chalkboard orchestra, frankly...

    Of the clips I've seen, however; it seems to me that everything Trump says (of substance) falls into one of two categories:




  • Someone is going to make some political jokes about this. It's unavoidable, and I look forward to hearing them...

  • I'm so.... I can't... I even... I don't... er...

    Ok. I remember typing hundreds of thousands of words about my issues with W-Bush and his cronies. Making jokes about how Cheney had balls so big they needed their own heart-pump. Defending pundit arguments that, looking back, I would be abhorred by now.

    But something is different about this. Maybe its because I'm older. Maybe I'm less expressive than I was in my youth. Either way... I did watch the speech, and my head broke about halfway through. I forget exactly what it was that made me snap, but I spent at least ten minutes trying to shove my middle fingers into the television while screaming in some kind of rudimentary language composed mostly of different inflections of the word 'FUCK'.

    Thinky parts hurt now. Type later. Bye-bye.

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    Only Trump can work up a serious case of moral outrage over leaked information, that could have only been leaked by his own legal team: Trump slams 'disgraceful' leak of Mueller questions.

  • Just in case you were having a good day... Here's some Trump cabinet news to bring you back down: Elaine Chao Is a Stealth American Nightmare

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    Don't look now... The President has gone off the rails:

    Well... more off the rails than typical.

  • The other day the US president made a public statement pretending to be his own wife, and the country sort of went, "huh... weird".

    The presidency is unrecognizable. It's really weird to wonder what future history books will say about it (if such there be).

  • @fenomas said:
    The presidency is unrecognizable. It's really weird to wonder what future history books will say about it (if such there be).

    "He took care of his friends and said, 'f%@k you' to his critics":

  • That bit is probably not so much politics, as his own legal strategy. He needs to stop his people from informing to Mueller and pardons are the only tool he has.
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    The liberal channels are all saying that this is his way of offering a message to people that have dirt on him. They think they have a 'gotcha' here. The smile on Rachel Maddow's face had a smile on it.

    Personally I don't know... but only because I find it hard to believe that the president is calculated and deliberate enough to play the game that way. I just can't imagine him not blurting offers of pardons out to his inner circle directly without having to play the game like this.

    I think, at the very least, that he is playing with the one power that requires little work and no one can stop him from using. He's going for the people he knows, and the people that specifically did something that Obama disapproved of. Hell, just listen to the justification he has given for Rob Bogoyevitch.

  • In today's episode, Trump succeeds at Word of the Day, while attacking his old nemesis.

  • OMG, I was almost certain that he was going to hold on until the bitter end:

    I guess the calendar fixing thing was the last nail in the coffin.

  • My favourite meme of the day:

  • "He said they didn't do it.... well that's good enough for me."

    I think people underestimate how far Trump will go to kill any narrative associated with meddling in the 2016 election. If he gives any credence to anything that even sounds like election meddling, it would diminish his "historic victory" in the 2016 election... He will never make such an admission, all evidence to the contrary.

    It'd be funny... if it wasn't so sad.

  • I don't think the surrender to Russia is even about a pee-tape anymore. I think that Putin has something worse on Trump. I think Putin has proof that Trump isn't as rich as he claims to be.

  • @Clme said:
    I think Putin has proof that Trump isn't as rich as he claims to be.

    I think everyone capable of believing that believes it already :grin:

    Personally I find the kompramat theory really hard to buy. Every other time there's something potentially embarrassing (Stormy, etc) Trump goes on immediate full-frontal attack, right? The idea that he'd cozy up to Putin out of expedience - I can imagine him doing that for an hour or a day, but it's been like three years!

    No idea what else to think though. Unless Putin is just flat-out giving him big piles of money or something.

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    I wonder... A large segment of the Republican support (and particularly Trump supporters) are cranky old white men, who lived through the cold war. The same old men screaming, "death to the commies"; during the '70s and '80s.

    What do these people think of Trump's performance yesterday.

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    They love it, because the liberals hate it.

    Honestly, my elderly (older than 65) relatives love Trump because he's "tight on the border" and "doesn't give a shit what the liberal pussies think". They also believe everything that Sean Hannity says. (Also everything on infowars, if they're online at all).

    Then there are the guys that go on the interwebs and pass around memes now the same way they used to pass around 'clinton bodybags' emails and racist powerpoints 10 years ago...

    Fun Fact: This guy's facebook page used to be called 'official colored conservative'.

    Side effect: When he reposts something outrageous about race from his twitter feed, he gets twice as many shares, many of which have a note similar to 'And this came from a black guy so its not racist!'

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    You know, this is kind of cathartic...

    That doesn't even get to the QAnon ones or the ones that insist that somehow Hillary planted all these people that are getting indicted before the election.

    Anyway... I'm done for now. It just goes on, and on, and on...

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    I watched the movie Idiocracy; while away on a work-related trip last fall... I hadn't seen it, the wife would never watch it, and figured it would be worth a laugh.

    This movie could turn out to be one of the most prophetic movies in history.

    It's so sad, the idiotic things people believe.

  • Putin is playing Trump... Only the naïve believe that Putin isn't going to make another grab for territory, like he did in Crimea (and, arguably, Syria), and Trump is practically inviting him to do it.

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