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    But at least he never wore a tan suit or got caught putting a black man's feet on a desk!

  • The 'obstruction of justice' drum-beat is picking up pace.

  • Full disclosure: I did not watch the State of the Union last night. I would rather listen to a nails-on-chalkboard orchestra, frankly...

    Of the clips I've seen, however; it seems to me that everything Trump says (of substance) falls into one of two categories:




  • Someone is going to make some political jokes about this. It's unavoidable, and I look forward to hearing them...

  • I'm so.... I can't... I even... I don't... er...

    Ok. I remember typing hundreds of thousands of words about my issues with W-Bush and his cronies. Making jokes about how Cheney had balls so big they needed their own heart-pump. Defending pundit arguments that, looking back, I would be abhorred by now.

    But something is different about this. Maybe its because I'm older. Maybe I'm less expressive than I was in my youth. Either way... I did watch the speech, and my head broke about halfway through. I forget exactly what it was that made me snap, but I spent at least ten minutes trying to shove my middle fingers into the television while screaming in some kind of rudimentary language composed mostly of different inflections of the word 'FUCK'.

    Thinky parts hurt now. Type later. Bye-bye.

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