what the fuck is this place



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    That got me looking through some of my old archives. (The ones I could access without hooking up old hard drives, anyway). Lots of stuff I may have to re-post later.

    Also some AIM logs. Its amazing how often I was chatting after 3am with people on both coasts. Where the hell did we all find the energy?

  • It's like it's 2004 all over again...

  • Legit!

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    I think I was trying to make people think the garden shed was where the GTG was held. For the life of me I can't remember where the rest of the GTG photos went. There should have been a few pictures of her actual place, some pics of the people at the GTG, and also a pic of a hard drive clock.

    Either way, the bull photos are still great.

  • In no particular order:

  • What was in the books? Fanfic?

  • Yep. Rufus brought a copy for each of us. Good times!

    I kind of miss that laptop, to tell the truth. I mean... it was only 500mhz and weighed like 20 pounds when I replaced all the drive-bays with the battery packs, but I used that thing for like ten years.

  • Wait a minute... are we all sitting there watching Mon watch porn in this photo?

    Its amazing what seems normal after you know someone long enough. ;-)

  • I'm not sure why the OK-GTG cam webpage is located in a folder for some bitching I did related to Outlook Express...

    Also I forgot about the dancing Jumper42 page-hack. It doesn't look right in anything but Firefox now, and the embedded midi doesn't work in anything but internet explorer. Its just like 2001 all over again!

  • Wow, we were all so ridiculously young then! I mean... not me, but you guys!

  • Hah. I'm not even sure you were the oldest person there young lady. :-)

    But yes, we were all young, naive, and a few of us were way too optimistic.

    On a personal note I miss having that much hair. Its thinned out a little over the ensuing 15 (?!) years.

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    @Clme said:
    Hah. I'm not even sure you were the oldest person there young lady. :-)

    Pretty sure I had that one covered...

  • Fuck I typoed my own name

  • Been a long time since I checked this place out. And wow I feel like I am in a lot of those pictures.

  • OMFG it's Mon!

    Hi Mon! :)

  • @mightmon said:
    Fuck I typoed my own name

    Up there with the onetinesloth name typo.

  • Lets dig out. How about these:

  • All these digital cameras!

  • I'll trade you this ULTRA RARE Lamfear, Doomy and Krizzo picture for some bitcoin.

  • Oh man, good times. A lifetime ago.

  • @Rufus said:
    OMFG it's Mon!

    Hi Mon! :)

    Hi Rufus!

    So are all the trillions of words I've typed here over the years lost forever, like tears in the rain?

  • Nope we have the whole vbb database. Just lacking a front end. I even have the ubb forum.

    Watch this...

  • Came here to look for something. Forgot what I was looking at, but was hit with nostalgia again. Damn, it feels like its been so long since I've been with any large group of people outside of mandatory work B.S.

  • dae remember hugs? it's been years

  • y'all are insane for this shit right here

  • I don't know of any other group of internet folks that I would willingly drive across the country to see. (Or trust that I would still be physically unharmed after the visit).

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