what the fuck is this place



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    That got me looking through some of my old archives. (The ones I could access without hooking up old hard drives, anyway). Lots of stuff I may have to re-post later.

    Also some AIM logs. Its amazing how often I was chatting after 3am with people on both coasts. Where the hell did we all find the energy?

  • It's like it's 2004 all over again...

  • Legit!

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    I think I was trying to make people think the garden shed was where the GTG was held. For the life of me I can't remember where the rest of the GTG photos went. There should have been a few pictures of her actual place, some pics of the people at the GTG, and also a pic of a hard drive clock.

    Either way, the bull photos are still great.

  • In no particular order:

  • What was in the books? Fanfic?

  • Yep. Rufus brought a copy for each of us. Good times!

    I kind of miss that laptop, to tell the truth. I mean... it was only 500mhz and weighed like 20 pounds when I replaced all the drive-bays with the battery packs, but I used that thing for like ten years.

  • Wait a minute... are we all sitting there watching Mon watch porn in this photo?

    Its amazing what seems normal after you know someone long enough. ;-)

  • I'm not sure why the OK-GTG cam webpage is located in a folder for some bitching I did related to Outlook Express...

    Also I forgot about the dancing Jumper42 page-hack. It doesn't look right in anything but Firefox now, and the embedded midi doesn't work in anything but internet explorer. Its just like 2001 all over again!

  • Wow, we were all so ridiculously young then! I mean... not me, but you guys!

  • Hah. I'm not even sure you were the oldest person there young lady. :-)

    But yes, we were all young, naive, and a few of us were way too optimistic.

    On a personal note I miss having that much hair. Its thinned out a little over the ensuing 15 (?!) years.

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    @Clme said:
    Hah. I'm not even sure you were the oldest person there young lady. :-)

    Pretty sure I had that one covered...

  • Fuck I typoed my own name

  • Been a long time since I checked this place out. And wow I feel like I am in a lot of those pictures.

  • OMFG it's Mon!

    Hi Mon! :)

  • @mightmon said:
    Fuck I typoed my own name

    Up there with the onetinesloth name typo.

  • Lets dig out. How about these:

  • All these digital cameras!

  • I'll trade you this ULTRA RARE Lamfear, Doomy and Krizzo picture for some bitcoin.

  • Oh man, good times. A lifetime ago.

  • @Rufus said:
    OMFG it's Mon!

    Hi Mon! :)

    Hi Rufus!

    So are all the trillions of words I've typed here over the years lost forever, like tears in the rain?

  • Nope we have the whole vbb database. Just lacking a front end. I even have the ubb forum.

    Watch this...

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