• I don't know that much about her... but I know she isn't a Peace candidate. That may not be a bad thing either, but it is definitely a mischaracterization.

    Wow... That website though! I found out most of what I needed to know about that website even without clicking on the other articles. Its based in Russia and considers the Steele Dossier a Democrat conspiracy. Its not just anti Israel, but overall anti-Jewish. They spread a good deal of 'Fake News' back around midterm time too. Great stuff.

  • it has to be questioned if America is ready for another smooth-talking black politician whose actual record of accomplishments is on the thin side

    Browsing the links Bill posts really is like peeking into a bizarre other world.

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    Goddamnit I hate it when the hosts of The View ask harder questions than 'real' news sources.

    Over the last week I've been seeing more and more things about Tulsi Gabbard that make me think she is one of the people that Russia wants to be in the election. I'm not saying she's collaborating with them (although she missed votes on the Russian sanctions...). I'm also not saying that they actually want her to become president. I think they want her to be just popular enough to incite infighting within the left. They have definitely started up their meme factories and PR sources. Kind of like Jill Stein or Bernie in 2016. (I love Bernie, but he had no idea what the fuck was going on with his PR and didn't seem to care about it, particularly after the primaries).

    Plus, despite her good qualities she really does have a problematic history. I'm not 100% sure about some of the claims on the National Review article, but I've seen a few of them now from sources I do trust. Including that she supported homosexual reeducation camps. Her saving grace may be her age at the time... She may have still been under her parents thumb 15-20 years ago, and her recent voting record has been slightly better on the issue.

    Being anti-interventionist is not the same as being a peace candidate. Hell, its not even something I disagree with completely... Trying to implement regime change really has created some issues, particularly when it was done using clandestine methods. But some of her public statements come across as being anti-UN, and anti-aid, and that is a show-stopper for me.

    We're a big country. We can fund or veterans, do more to help our homeless, and occasionally send some damn food to a country, loan some money to a struggling democracy, or paint some military equipment white/blue for the UN. But for some reason the damn politicians keep telling us we can only do one of those things at a time.

  • Her interview on Joe Rogan goes a little more in depth. I'm in 100% agreement on us not invading countries, hell the Iraq war was the one time in my life I felt compelled to take to the streets, but there is just something off about the way Tulsi speaks, it's too perfect, I'm thinking she may just be some advanced form of AI (Aloha Intellegence)

  • New Joe Rogan:

  • A line from twitter I liked:

    "Give me five minutes alone with Joe Rogan and I'm pretty sure I could convince him he's been dead for twenty years"

  • This link lead to a malicious page that locked up my browser.

  • It works for me. I use Firefox with an ad blocker.

    Here is an alternate link.

  • Tulsi seems to forget which party she's running in. (Although she is not extreme enough for most 'active' republicans right now).

    She may be anti-interventionist, but she is by no means pro-peace.

  • @Clme said:
    Tulsi seems to forget which party she's running in. (Although she is not extreme enough for most 'active' republicans right now).

    She may be anti-interventionist, but she is by no means pro-peace.

    That she has served in the military is a big hint that she isn't a pacifist. I think that most of us believe that there are times that military action is necessary, and some of those times don't qualify as strictly self-defense.

    She certainly is an interesting Democrat.

  • Yes. We only want to shoot people when Tulsi votes for it. ;-)

    I thought her tweets about Saudi Arabia were definitely interesting though. It definitely brought her profile up among the left.

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