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  • Earth has 4 days simultaneously each rotation. You erroneously measure time from 1 corner. This all is obvious to the non-mind controlled. cool cool
  • Well that answers my question That said, "failed but was worth a try" is an odd take. I mean, love the guy or hate him, he's been incredibly predictable. Everything we now know to be bad about him was completely obvious from the start; everythi…
  • @Bill said: I think you are simply wrong in starting with the assumption that the police hired by a wealthy community are a bunch of clowns. Stop imagining beliefs for everyone you disagree with. My starting assumption is simply that ther…
  • As I read dystopian headlines, eroding democratic norms, post office stuff, ICE giving women hysterectomies, Trump saying more weird shit, etc., in the back of my mind part of me wonders what Bill thinks when he reads the same headlines. Fake news? …
  • Basically: the cops heard a rumor tigers might be coming, so they sprayed some tiger repellant around, and ultimately no tigers came. Did the cops save the city from tigers? The most we can say is: if there's any evidence that they didn't, they didn…
  • @Clme said: But renting a car, with their credit card and verified drivers license...? That's the epistemic issue, yeah. If you assume somebody is a looter and then find they're driving a rental, you can fit that into your narrative and t…
  • @Bill said: That it is all some big police lie is not the way to bet. Why do you never read what you're replying to? I didn't claim police lied about anything. I pointed out that the nothing in the press account is inconsistent with the h…
  • The Bayesian prior is that they were random people randomly driving to Santa Monica, and nothing in the press account is inconsistent with that.
  • @Bill said: I would count a caravan of looters to be a sign of coordination. A skeptic might point out that there's a fair swath of epistemological real estate between "a caravan of looters" and "a police press release mentioning a carava…
  • Your President said: So shower heads, you take a shower, the water doesn’t come out. You want to wash your hands, the water doesn’t come out. So what do you do? You just stand there longer, you take a shower longer. Because my hair, I don’t know …
  • Welcome home grandpa! pen was blocked I mean that's fair.
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  • Classic. To clarify, the text in the "Republicans will be hunted" one was verbatim tweets from whatsisface the nutball author.
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  • You guys are selling Bill short. I'm sure his claim that racism isn't widespread is backed up by multiple vdare blog posts by white people.
    in Steaming Ass Comment by fenomas June 26
  • @eod please fix the ~~ macro, thanks
    in Steaming Ass Comment by fenomas June 25
  • @Bill said: As far as I can see, the first autopsy does not. Have you read it? Google the words involved. It's not in the PDF you linked but one or two news sites covered it. Focusing on that isn't the useful bit, though. Again, the im…
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  • @Bill said: I don't think they killed him. I think he OD'd and would have OD'd whether or not they held him down. That's lunacy. Both autopsies ruled the death homicide. most anyone who has anything to lose is either keeping his mou…
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  • Tuned in to hear you say "this is my kiddo, he streams on Mixer". Nice timing
  • @Bill said: If you feel it's illegitimate to consider issues upon which you are not expert, that's your decision, but it makes me wonder how you navigate life. Move up one meta-level Disregarding the experts and forming your own conclusi…
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  • Apparently dikumud is about to drop a new version, with a web client. Oh the times, oh the morays.
  • I'd forgotten all about ICC. ICC
  • I also read the autopsy and formed an opinion about its legal implications, because I definitely understand all the medical and legal issues involved so I wouldn't just be telling myself what I wanted to hear.
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  • Jeebus. Did Trump really tweet a conspiracy theory about that 75 year-old who was bleeding out of his ears on live TV?
    in Headlines Comment by fenomas June 9
  • Trump's tweets lately genuinely sound like a Stan Lee-era comic book villain, the kind who spends a lot of time gloating about how foolishly the heroes have walked right into his latest trap.
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  • That was pretty neat.
  • My modern ska itch gets scratched by a band I ran across called The Holophonics. They cover everything. Random sampling: * For the longest time * Don't you forget about me * Zelda medley * Brandy you're a fine girl * Let's do the timewar…
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  • Arguably the most famous comedian in Japan just died of covid. Hopefully it makes folks take it a little more seriously...
  • I'm kind of morbidly curious how people like Pence or McConnell think they're going to be treated in history books. Do they just not care? They can't realistically not know, can they?
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