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  • Back on topic (:P) I wake up to twitter this morning to learn that Lou Dobbs is asking why US marshals haven't taken top DoJ officials into custody. Is it normal for the fringe of a party to agitate for coup-like stuff even as their party controls …
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  • @Bill said: I've told you some of the ways that I evaluate bias. If you don't believe I can do what I say I can do, that's your problem, not mine. This isn't a response to anything anyone said. You don't appear to read or think about posts a…
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  • DACA and the shutdown aren't that simple, but at a minimum note that putting DACA changes into a budget bill is very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very much what congress does all day.
    in Reality TV Comment by fenomas January 22
  • @Bill said: Thing is, they don't attempt to minimize bias on issues they care about. Some of them may believe that's what they are doing, but they actually aren't doing it. If you really believe that, then you've convinced yourself that you …
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  • I think a lot of general media has been misreading things by casting most everything as MAGA types vs. the anti-Trump left. With his approval ratings as low as they are there has to be a fair number of conservative Trump detractors, but they kind of…
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  • @Bill said: I know I've said this before, but it was a long time ago. My problem isn't with clearly biases sources that aren't hiding their point of view, it's with biased sources that pretend that they aren't biased. Nonsense - nothing anyw…
    in Reality TV Comment by fenomas January 22
  • > It's definitely biased, but it helps to balance the usual press coverage. "That news I disagree with is bad because it is biased, and this news I agree with is biased, which is good", said the sane person.
    in Reality TV Comment by fenomas January 21
  • @Rufus said: He's married to an American (isn't he?). How did that not keep him in the country? Don't you get to be an American if you marry one? The general gist of a thread I read the other day by an immigration lawyer was that the system …
    in Reality TV Comment by fenomas January 20
  • I don't dislike brown people. Reread please. Nowhere did I imply that you believe you dislike brown people.
    in Reality TV Comment by fenomas January 14
  • A more self-aware person might pause before writing something like that, to consider whether people are more likely to attribute it to your general expertise on Haiti or, say, to your dislike of brown people.
    in Reality TV Comment by fenomas January 14
  • @Clme said: He... didn't mean shithole when he said shithole? Or... if he did, he wasn't talking about the people there just the locations themselves? Respectfully, it doesn't sound like you read the article. It doesn't argue that Trump isn…
    in Reality TV Comment by fenomas January 13
  • @Bill said: ..no matter how little they may contribute to America.. Hypothesis: the median Hatian immigrant has probably contributed more to America than Bill or Steve Sailer.
    in Reality TV Comment by fenomas January 13
  • If that was a clever ploy to get people like me to find out what Lana Del Ray sounds like, then it worked. If not, then I wonder what they were going for. Clever ploy to get sued?
  • That was a wild ride. I'd always sort of wondered what the hell folk dancing was doing in gym class.
  • Here's a summary: https://www.theguardian.com/books/2017/dec/28/unclear-unfunny-delete-editors-notes-on-milo-yiannopoulos-book-revealed
  • That was pretty hilarious Clme- I only glanced at it in twitter, but I gather that there's a lawsuit about it and a bunch of internal stuff got published due to that. The other stuff I saw was equally great
  • My phpbb install was getting a lot of spam registrations, but adding a "what is the name of this forum?" quiz question completely stopped them.
  • I find that mural obscene, specifically in that it's signed with a twitter handle.
  • That's not a standard I've ever seen you apply. Your position here has consistently been that if a policy is presented as being anti-immigration, you're for it, period, no matter what. I've never seen you take any interest in the specifics of what t…
  • There've been a lot of posts like this, I've been deleting them.
  • What I said. Taking "I am okay with this because it conforms with my religion and the people who suffer from it are not-me-or-anyone-I-care-about" as the default political position of the human race, the defining element isn't the nature of the suf…
  • You're all losers for not turning me on to Flobots sooner.
  • Newt Gingrich is a lunatic
  • Religious people are usually okay with someone else being sacrificed at the altar of their beliefs, yeah.
  • Apparently it's where he learned business. His biographers say that, next to his father, his main business mentor was Roy Cohn.
  • Oops, fixed the link. But that too. I mean, mob connections aren't unusual for a real estate sleaze, but the way the press ignored it for a candidate is hella cause for comment.
  • WSJ killed editorial on Trump's mob ties The fact that the editorial was written clearly demonstrates liberal media bias.
  • Those videos don't look like they involve freestyle rap.
  • @Bill said: I have been able to make neither head nor tail of the issue. The baseline is pretty simple - the people who sell internet connectivity don't want it to be a commodity, much like everyone else selling anything. It almost certainly…
  • For everything Bill says about the average intelligence of blacks, you gotta admit they stepped up and saved Alabama from electing the utter cretin that whites overwhelmingly supported.