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  • Presidential Chief of Staff Newt Gingrich would be pretty funny.
    in 8=======D Comment by fenomas December 13
  • I'd call it more analogous to post-modernism or the like - it's a chunk of real estate in the social sciences where academics write papers, but it's not tightly coupled to any single thesis. At its core, intersectionalism seems to boil down to th…
    in 8=======D Comment by fenomas December 9
  • So does postmodernism; my point stands.
    in 8=======D Comment by fenomas December 9
  • Drunk Christmas shitposting is best shitposting. That said, for British TV you want Only Connect and Cats Does Countdown. Also: BBC radio mobile app works everywhere. Listen to I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue!
    in Anglophile Comment by fenomas December 8
  • Intersectionality is one of those big mushy social science terms with more definitions than proponents. Lately it's more of a name for a faction than anything else. @Bill said: modern discrimination theory, which is insane. Stop thi…
    in 8=======D Comment by fenomas December 8
  • Back in the day I had the "discovered!" noise from the Metal Gear Solid games. Certainly jars one out of one's reverie.
  • Hrrrmmmm, meh. The most notably legacy of his presidency, to me, was probably the War on Drugs stuff; arguably one of the most harmful things to happen to the country in the modern era (pre-Trump). So, meh. I'm sure he was a fine tennis player an…
  • The third remarkable thing about Cohen’s plea was its substance. The president of the United States’ personal lawyer admitted to lying to Congress about the president’s business activities with a hostile foreign power, in order to support the presid…
  • @Bill said: You cannot repeal natural selection. We have the choice of maintaining the human collective genome in a kindly way, or nature will maintain it in a harsh way. There is no third option. Millenarianism correlates strongly with i…
  • I'm not sure I follow the hype. It sounds like we're essentially talking about machine learning, applied to medicine - which is huge and exciting, certainly. But is genome data a particularly useful signal? I mean, if you want an AI to detect cancer…
  • Finally! Genetics on the blockchain! Start the party!
  • @Bill said: I find if an author simply declares something about the way human beings will do something, and it contrasts sharply with the way I think human beings will do something, the story becomes pretty much irretrievable. That's lite…
  • To be honest this sounds more like a logic puzzle than a story. Shouldn't it all depend on what's meant to happen - i.e. who the characters are and what they're up against? If the story to be told needs a number to be ~1%, then just say that, and ha…
  • Apparently 15 different incumbent representatives with "A" ratings from the NRA lost their seats the other day, all 15 being replaced by candidates with "F" ratings.
  • @Rufus said: The entire country suffers from confirmation bias. I knew it!
  • Seems like America's just incapable of having a bipartisan reaction to anything anymore. Be it school shooting massacres, endless war, shitty veteran hospitals, undrinkable water, kids in cages, foreign interference in elections, whatever - nothing …
  • @Bill said: Sure it is. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but nope. E.g: if someone enters on a tourist visa and never leaves, that's not a crime. (They could be subject to civil penalties and deportation of course.) They are crim…
  • @Bill said: Ruling on whether the 14th Amendment should apply to the children of people here illegally isn't legislating from the bench. It originally was one of the post Civil War amendments and was aimed at ex-slaves. The authors never even con…
  • US president says he instructed US troops to commit war crimes lol
    in Headlines Comment by fenomas November 2
  • So you're saying vibrators don't exist? I have to disagree.
  • Ooh boy, another "X and Y aren't useful labels, don't map well to reality, and have no accepted definitions, but here's a bunch of things I strongly believe about Xists and Yists" hoedown. Yeehaw! Meanwhile on the planet earth, the obvious label …
  • Trump is trying to get the supreme court to reinterpret the constitution, said the guy who also says Trump wants originalist judges who won't legislate from the bench.
  • Hold on, it's not the cozying up to totalitarian foreign leaders is it?
  • Was it the "free press is the enemy of the people" stuff?
  • Vibrators are a social construct.
  • Yeah clme, what part of mass shootings, pipe bombs, and repealing the 14th amendment do you find "radical"?
  • Demand your money back.
  • @UnclePat said: Eleven dead and a bunch of pipe bombs from right-wing terrorists this week Leftist activists have been shouting in restaurants Basically there's animosity on both sides
  • @Bill said: In the sense of formal logic, your point might be valid. In the sense of the subject under discussion, I don't think it makes much practical difference. I know you don't, but the "race is a social construct" position hinges on…