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  • @Bill said: Observe the order the information is presented. I thought for a few seconds that I had accidentally skipped to a different news article. Note their choice of font as well. Confirms my suspicions.
  • I'm with Filious on Musk. The recent stuff with that "let's all police those dishonest journalists" project, and the way he responded to criticism about it, has been very cult-of-personality stuff. He sounds Trumpish at times. @Rufus said:…
  • @Rufus said: That's probably the most callous response I've ever seen you give... Eh, I think it's just the standard "if Eric Garner didn't want to get choked to death maybe he shouldn't have committed a nonviolent misdemeanor" line one s…
  • @Bill said: They can take their families with them. If they are being broken up, it's by the criminal infiltrator's choice. Oh, take your twenty-sixth consecutive counterargument-to-what-nobody-said and gargle with it. Then count up all r…
  • Since quite a bit earlier than that I think. Extrajudicial enforcement like ICE is so profoundly unamerican it beggars belief.
  • @Rufus said: Unless I'm missing something, Gerald Ford pardoned Nixon. Sure, but Nixon had to no longer be president for that to happen, was the point.
    in Headlines Comment by fenomas June 6
  • Trump: "I have the absolute right to pardon myself" On the bright side, considering a self-pardon was one of the very last things Nixon did before resigning.
    in Headlines Comment by fenomas June 5
  • @Bill said: You may disagree that [immigration] is an existential problem, but Sailer's supporters believe... If you think the alternative to citizenism is a happy multicultural society where everyone gets along... You are utterly bonk…
    in Steaming Ass Comment by fenomas June 4
  • My pet peeve is car commercials that show off automatic brake systems like this: Shit, I could write a program that detects boxes that look like cars on a sunny day. Show a demo of the car braking automatically to avoid an overturned bicycle …
  • "In Dr. Johnson's famous dictionary patriotism is defined as the last resort of a scoundrel. With all due respect to an enlightened but inferior lexicographer I beg to submit it is the first." (Bierce)
    in Steaming Ass Comment by fenomas June 4
  • By the way, this applies to you too. Back in the old forum I recall once saying something to the effect that an immigrant who just got naturalized twenty minutes ago is no less a citizen than you are, and your concerns don't trump his, and I don't r…
    in Steaming Ass Comment by fenomas June 3
  • You're not following me - the issue isn't how he describes it, it's how he applies it. Think of it as Occam's Razor for morality - we can agree that a person holds a moral position only when their actions can't be explained by assuming they hold …
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  • Bill, you get the notion that supporting freedom of speech doesn't mean anything unless one supports it for speech one disagrees with, yeah? By the same token, "his tribe is US citizens" can only be meaningful to whatever extent the person shows …
    in Steaming Ass Comment by fenomas June 2
  • 1. That doesn't make it any better 2. His articles you've posted here have not supported even that claim
    in Steaming Ass Comment by fenomas June 2
  • He's indistinguishable from every other "my tribe over your tribe at any cost" partisan idiot pulling the country apart.
    in Steaming Ass Comment by fenomas June 1
  • Popehat weighs in
    in Reality TV Comment by fenomas June 1
  • That bit is probably not so much politics, as his own legal strategy. He needs to stop his people from informing to Mueller and pardons are the only tool he has.
    in Reality TV Comment by fenomas June 1
  • In times of strife we can always count on iSteve for an article about who does and doesn't look black.
    in Steaming Ass Comment by fenomas June 1
  • The other day the US president made a public statement pretending to be his own wife, and the country sort of went, "huh... weird". The presidency is unrecognizable. It's really weird to wonder what future history books will say about it (if such…
    in Reality TV Comment by fenomas May 31
  • @Bill said: How are you separating nationalism from politeness. I was taught in elementary school that it is polite to stand if a national anthem, any national anthem, is played. If it isn't your national anthem, you don't put your hand or hat ov…
    in Americans Comment by fenomas May 28
  • It feels like it's changing over time. When I was a kid, I think a lot of people were pretty leery about, say, forcing kids to recite the pledge of allegiance in schools. Nowadays there are no positions on issues, just left-vs-right dynamics. If a …
    in Americans Comment by fenomas May 26
  • @Bill said: The NFL is protecting its profits. Neat, you should bring that up if you meet someone who's interested in the NFL. This thread is about your elected leaders applauding compelled displays of nationalism.
    in Americans Comment by fenomas May 25
  • @Bill said: A commercial enterprise is covering its ass because a majority of its customers were offended by the behavior of some of its employees. On the one hand that's not quite true, but on the other it's completely orthogonal to the …
    in Americans Comment by fenomas May 24
  • "...And some, I assume, are nice people"
    in Good Articles Comment by fenomas May 18
  • Anyhoo I wouldn't worry to much about a resurgence of STDs, we have smart people in charge and they probably know what they're doing.
    in Good Articles Comment by fenomas May 18
  • If you google a chart of HIV incidence by year in the US, it shoots up and then shoots back down again. What caused the sharp decrease? Was it phages?
    in Good Articles Comment by fenomas May 17
  • What's the cognitive bias for when someone argues against something on the grounds that it's imperfect, even though everything else is too?
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  • This "incel" stuff might be the stupidest thing western civilization has yet come up with. Maybe second to homeopathy.
    in Steaming Ass Comment by fenomas May 3
  • I just watched it earlier, and it's hard to reconcile the furore over it with the speech itself. If you'd asked me to guess what people would take exception with I'd have thought it be saying "fuck", but that seems to have passed without comment. Th…
  • Popehat had an article today about that, if you missed it. The gist was that there's a good chance the civil case will get delayed at least temporarily, since a criminal case seems imminent.