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  • @Rufus said: Gay people (and transgender people) have always existed. They've just been closeted and self supressed. The only thing that has changed is the social acceptance. Agreed for recent history, but IIRC there are decent arguments …
  • Assumed it was staged from the way the camera saves the punchline until the very end.
  • Two years after pleading guilty, Michael Flynn is now claiming he was set up by the anti-Trump deep state. Such a very normal timeline we're in.
    in Headlines Comment by fenomas October 31
  • You don't have to type all that, just say it aloud near a phone or microwave oven and we'll see it in the following days' transcript.
    in Headlines Comment by fenomas October 29
  • I mostly assume that we're just cresting a saddle point on such things - where people over a certain age tend to reflexively blame the victim, and those under a certain age tend to sympathize, and in due course the latter will become a solid majorit…
    in Headlines Comment by fenomas October 29
  • Alternate headline: "We're going to pretend this blotch is a Nazi symbol in order to justify publishing revenge porn nudes"
    in Headlines Comment by fenomas October 26
  • One increasingly gets the feeling that by this time next year Tulsi will be working for Fox News.
  • tl;dr: "I, Steve Sailer, am definitely not a white nationalist, because I say I am not, and the fact that I sound like one and that my supporters all seem to be white nationalists is not something I will be commenting on at this time."
  • this method would have the advantage of simply allowing you to use the note without having to write in any accidentals Staff notation uses accidentals because they're useful. Avoiding them isn't a benefit. They allow the musician to instantl…
  • Beats me. It sounds like maybe you're talking about songs with occasional chromatic runs? My point was that western music doesn't have, say, whole songs that are chromatic, and that's why the notation doesn't cater to it.
  • Er, to me chromatic scale means atonal. Is there something else for it to mean?
  • @Bill said: The popular blues scale isn't just a subset of the major scale, and there are three minor scales, two of which aren't subsets of the major scale. So the chromatic scale isn't used in its entirety, but a lot of popular music draws from…
  • @Bill said: I disagree. The rise of a white party and a non-white party is a prediction. Increased bloc voting is a prediction. It should be noticeable in every election from here on out, increasing a little each cycle. That's a narrative…
  • I got deep into music theory for a project, and to be honest it's mostly a lot simpler than I expected. That is, the basics that theorists pretty much agree on is simple, and the stuff that isn't simple seems to all be hand-waving and nomenclature. …
  • I understand why you frame it that way, but what you wrote wasn't really predictions, so much as apologetics. E.g. on the "minorities voting as a bloc instead of for their own interest" thing. Have you considered that the political rise of white …
  • Speaking of "white whateverism", the Dilbert guy is currently on twitter threatening to sue someone who called him "the louis farrakhan of incel white nationalists" 😁
  • Same argument in pictorial form
  • I'm pretty confused. Bill, what you wrote there was a set of emotional arguments justifying white nationalist positions. Nothing you said is falsifiable, none of it has any persuasive power to someone who doesn't already agree with it You get that, …
  • Bill, scroll down to the early comment where someone dismisses Stallman's critic as a "mischling" - to general accord from other commenters - and think for a minute about where you get your media. We humans are what we eat, both in food and in in…
  • @Bill said: Pages 19 and 20 of the emails looks like a burn-the-heretics mode to me. Those bits are attacking MIT officials who took money from and cultivated friendships with Epstein. Also, see the statement saying debating the def…
  • @eod said: Also pretty darn hard to find a Richard Stallman fanfiction. sigh - Cracks open Notepad. Use vi, it's what he would have wanted.
  • Bill, I've followed this reasonably closely and almost everything you wrote is incorrect. @Bill said: In my opinion, Stallman's points in the emails are valid. It's fair to point out that the girl in question never said that she actually ha…
  • @Dave said: I don't follow how that's a hidden message Google the phrase "we must secure". @Clme said: (Although they did use the number 88 later on.. hmmm) What's weird about that? Don't people normally use 88 as a deno…
  • .... well I mean sure, all that goes without saying
  • Yikes, good luck. I can make out random characters but only enough to say that it's about a battle and armies and whatnot. Old Japanese is pretty opaque to modern readers, like Chaucerian English, so it may be outside the remit of your neighborhood …
  • Per twitter there's apparently a federal law against tampering with official weather forecasts, and imagine for a second if that was what Trump finally got impeached for.
  • eodisshens
  • More like sex-pat Hue hue
  • So much economic anxiety.
  • A line from twitter I liked: "Give me five minutes alone with Joe Rogan and I'm pretty sure I could convince him he's been dead for twenty years"