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  • I guess nobody here likes dope ish.
  • Why don't you just come in here and start selling crack.
  • "But they'll vote as a block" is such a bizarrely stupid argument against immigration. If the country can't survive people voting freely for their own best interest, it doesn't warrant protecting in the first place.
    in Reality TV Comment by fenomas August 14
  • @Rufus said: Where I think we differ, is that you feel that the definition (with respect to accountability) will change with our understanding of the brain and it's operation... I am not so sure that is likely... I (personally) believe in fre…
  • I wasn't presenting it as something to be argued about.
  • I think he's aiming at the idea that our standard for what is and isn't an exercise of free will seems to depend not only on the choice being made but also on how we understand the brain, implying that advancements in the latter will someday change …
  • The truth is obvious, you can't see it because you're biased.
  • Whoa Jesus, I missed who I was talking to. Belay all that, my supporting argument is "if you were without bias you'd see I'm right".
  • @Bill said: I doubt that we will ever be able to model the brain to such precision that we can say that such and such chain of events caused someone to decide something. We already can, for sufficiently loose definitions of the terms invo…
  • @Rufus said: It is a choice, if the person is capable of choosing and understands the ramifications of their choice, then they should be held accountable for that choice. Sure, so how do we define "capable of choice"? In the first case we…
  • @Rufus said: This is the difference between dude A and dude B. People are found not guilty of a crime, due to mental defect, all the time... provided it is proven that the mental defect made it impossible for the person to be responsible for thei…
  • @Clme said: When its that widespread is it an illness, the new normal, or some form of self-defense? I actually have some ideas on this. I think it involves how we view free will and I sort of think it might change soonish. Consider: a…
  • This is brilliant:
  • One supposes it's almost entirely about ego and the assertion of individuality. That is, the number of people who truuuly believe the Earth is flat is presumably tiny, but the number of people who find it rewarding to identify as an iconoclast, o…
  • @Bill said: Apple, Facebook, and Google's YouTube Simultaneously Ban Conspiracy Theorist Alex Jones Everything about that thread is stupid. The stacks didn't ban him simultaneously, Apple did it and then FB and YouTube followed suit after…
    in Headlines Comment by fenomas August 9
  • @Rufus said: http://projects.thestar.com/donald-trump-fact-check/ That is..... extensive. Fun fact: in old bankruptcy depositions, Trump's own personal lawyers talked about their internal policy of always bringing at least two people i…
    in Reality TV Comment by fenomas July 26
  • You can tell sane people from the way they go around saying everyone who disagrees with them is insane. Yup.
  • It's a good thing we didn't elect a woman who'd get all emotional.
  • @Clme said: https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/1021234525626609666 Loose translation: "Manafort trial set to begin this week"
  • Nazis and anti-Semites slip through GOP primaries "slip through"
    in Headlines Comment by fenomas July 22
  • From twitter: as all this unfurls, remember: 2 years ago, current House GOP leader told colleagues, “There’s two people I think Putin pays: Rohrabacher and Trump” when they laughed, he added, “swear to God” current House S…
    in Steaming Ass Comment by fenomas July 20
  • In all, she found that as many as 1,147 people may have died just in [US drone] attacks targeting the 41 men she studied. The victims were disproportionately children.
    in Steaming Ass Comment by fenomas July 19
  • @Clme said: I think Putin has proof that Trump isn't as rich as he claims to be. I think everyone capable of believing that believes it already Personally I find the kompramat theory really hard to buy. Every other time there's someth…
    in Reality TV Comment by fenomas July 17
  • @Bill said: @fenomas said: That's utter nonsense. Most cops are white; do you go around claiming the police controlled by the whites? Well, yes, in most jurisdictions. Neat! What's it like controlling the polic…
  • That's utter nonsense. Most cops are white; do you go around claiming the police controlled by the whites? If you want to claim the press is controlled by the Democrats, look for evidence of the press doing things they wouldn't do unless they wer…
  • Your claim was that the press, bureaucracy, etc. are controlled by the Democrats. Evidence that journalists tend to vote Dem does not support that claim. Is that not obvious to you?
  • "Hollywood is controlled by the Jews" and "this study says N% of Hollywood producers are Jewish" are separate, indeed unrelated, claims. Surely even you see that?
  • @Bill said: [vague hand-waving claim that isn't falsifiable] is well documented. Just Google it. I'll get right on that, you nutball caricature of yourself you Side note: given that the Democrats control the media and the schools a…
  • "Man, I was, like, driving OVER the influence"
    in Headlines Comment by fenomas July 14