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  • True. He also deserved more recognition for his post-Monkees career than he actually got. To be fair the entire 'Monkees' thing is really interesting to me. The whole idea that the actors insisted on learning how to play (some of the) songs for…
  • In my opinion it implies it was part of him being charged. But fair enough. The standards for being a substitute teacher are generally much lower than the standards for being a teacher. ...Which is unfortunate, because the requirements to bec…
    in Headlines Comment by Clme February 28
  • Goddamnit I hate it when the hosts of The View ask harder questions than 'real' news sources. Over the last week I've been seeing more and more things about Tulsi Gabbard that make me think she is one of the people that Russia wants to be in the …
  • That made me sadder than it probably should have, considering I mostly knew him from the Monkees. But he was really a talented guy, even for a dude in TV band.
  • be fair, his refusal to recite the pledge was not why he was charged. ;-) Great exchange of ideas with that substitute though, no?
    in Headlines Comment by Clme February 24
  • I don't know that much about her... but I know she isn't a Peace candidate. That may not be a bad thing either, but it is definitely a mischaracterization. Wow... That website though! I found out most of what I needed to know about that webs…
  • Yes, I did. Calloway is almost always good. Plus damn near every time I hear Minnie the Moocher I end up looking up a few different versions of St. James Infirmary. Its always a good time to link to this: In addition to using a version of…
  • Pretty strange for them to put that on a magazine that came out during the middle of Black History Month, even if it is dated March on the cover. Does no one see how that may be a bit... insensitive at least? Or are we just completely buying into…
    in Steaming Ass Comment by Clme February 14
  • Now we just need the Federal Gov't to reclassify it. That is unlikely to happen during the current administration, however. Being schedule I leaves people open to Federal prosecution even if they aren't challenged by their state/municipal police.
  • The only thing I learned there is that Harris banged Willie Brown. (Although I suspect he took liberties with his 'Yap music' quote).
  • Well shit. Captcha is enabled, and they're getting through that. Time to look into IP block lists of some sort I guess. Or a different captcha system maybe. Sometime in the near future I'll look into options and see what e0d says. For the s…
  • @Clme said: @Bill said: The separation of children from parents didn't originate in the Trump administration. The idea was to separate children from adults in an effort to cut down on child abuse and rape. Of course, the press didn'…
  • I tell you, its like they know when I'm not going to check the site for two days and strike then.
  • Quite a bit warmer now. The snow was melting fast today. That said, this was at 7am on the 31st... It was already warming up by then, I believe the low was -32. Its been getting lightly better each day since.
  • Yes.
  • The best thing I ever read about Carol Channing involved her being on Richard Nixon's enemies list. She said it was the highest honor of her career.
  • See, now this is the world that the NRA promised us. We just have to move to Brazil and deal with all other aspects of living in Brazil to get it!
  • I'm going to just mark myself 'present' rather than voting yay or nay.
    in Reality TV Comment by Clme January 19
  • I don't want to answer either of those.
    in Reality TV Comment by Clme January 18
  • Did they ever discover Santa shark?
  • I never remember to clear the tags though. Whoops. I hate doing that because there is no 'multi select' for deleting shit. Plus, remember LiveJournal? The Pen RSS feed is still showing up in there and it doesn't clear those spam posts when I d…
  • Mostly bots on compromised systems. Although occasionally they'll make accounts for weeks in advance, and then time them all to attack at once. That is kind of neat, in a sense. I can't recall if we have a captcha for account registration or …
  • Now that just isn't nice.
  • Holy crap its Weis! Makes me wonder how many other people don't know there is something here.
  • Is art political if the message the viewer takes from the art is political, or is it only political if the artist intended it to be? Also: 'NRA - Guns for them too'
  • (Meet Mao Sugiyama, The Artist Who Made A Meal Of His Genitals) I'm sure its been around the various sharebooks before, but if I have to see it so do you. Merry Christmas.
  • Say, did you know that gmail ignores periods in email addresses? I'm almost impressed. But really though, here is a real tip that has probably been covered here before: Gmail also ignores everything after a + sign, which can be very he…
  • Pretty much.
    in 8=======D Comment by Clme December 2018
  • So its one of those things that people like to think is a bigger movement than it actually is? College kids love Ayn Rand too, but most of them get over it before they hit 30. The rest turn into Rand Paul, Reince Priebus, and Paul Ryan.
    in 8=======D Comment by Clme December 2018
  • I just want to say that for some reason I hope Paul Hollywood is a given name. I'm not even going to look it up because I'm afraid of finding out its not. Thanks to the great british baking show I actually have feelings about ganache and hot wea…
    in Anglophile Comment by Clme December 2018