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  • I always end up eating them until my tongue hurts. Not sure what kind of message it sends, but I know how I feel about them...
    in Sour Patch Kids Comment by Clme March 8
  • Turns out she only had a sinus infection... But goddamnit. He deserves to be shit on for posting that without confirmation during a pandemic fear.
  • Maybe that cat has something contagious? :-( :-( I'm feeling bad for that cat no matter what the situation is, aren't I?
  • The sound you hear with a big yawn? Yeah, it never occured to me that others can't do that without yawning.
    in Steaming Ass Comment by Clme March 1
  • I like that. In fact... Maybe its like "Twitch plays pokemon" except with youtube comments. An entire community is trying to command the president, and as a result only random tripe comes out of his mouth and he keeps walking into walls.
  • Fair enough. They actually said replace the post with the word 'deleted', and I summed up poorly.
  • "Members" can edit posts, and I thought that included delete, but apparently not. All posts become read-only (even for Members) after 30 days, but that setting can be tweaked. Let me see what I can find about deleting. edit: Vanilla forum …
  • @LonMabonJovi said: I get a lot of Pink Floyd vibe off the music. I like it.
    in Videos Comment by Clme February 2
  • Golly. I'm so glad they confirmed that. Especially since they're also suggesting that a woman with a Masters degree in European studies misidentified Ukraine as a southeast Asian country. Still... even if she somehow did... I'm glad to hear …
  • Truly we are in enlightened times. But I must know before voting: Will the pussy scented bombs smell like Paltrow's " vagina scented candles (cedar, marigolds, and citrus) or will they smell more like her vagina (essential oils, rocks, and cash)…
  • The ones that have consider mars to be an escape vessel. Its... really depressing that they have enough money to get to mars but apparently not enough money (or will) to clean things up here. Plus it seems like its a pipe dream even with the ad…
  • Huh. I had to look them up to double check, since commenters seemed to think these were minted this way as legal tender rather than altered and possibly not spendable any more. Still, those are very cool.
    in 8=======D Comment by Clme January 15
  • in Neil Peart Comment by Clme January 14
  • Its interesting that so many people that were in security briefings (after the fact) are coming out and saying that there was no imminent threat, and all evidence was primarily for past actions and possible plans for future (but not imminent) ones. …
    in Steaming Ass Comment by Clme January 11
  • Between that late conference this morning and whatever the hell he said last night I'm actually beginning to wonder about his health. Like, not in a 'too many hamberders' way, or a 'narcissistic sociopath' way, but I actually wonder if the man is u…
    in Steaming Ass Comment by Clme January 9
  • Congrats on the business! Also, that's a hell of a story. Thank you for sharing.
  • Ah yes. One million moms... also known as 10,000 moms each thinking they're 100x more important than they are.
  • Eek. Lots of conflicting feelings there.
  • Hah. I usually enjoy(ed) your content, for what its worth. I don't think there is a 'right' way to do Facebook anyway. I am occasionally told I'm too verbose. Or that I don't post enough pictures. Or too many pictures. Or too many memes. Or…
  • My money is on "Arsed". Not arsed, as in not to give a fuck.
  • I'm kind of curious if Target would have pulled it, or if they would have just made it online-only or something.
    in Headlines Comment by Clme December 2019
  • Yeah, once the kid gets older maybe I'll finally snap and get away from the cancer myself. It was fun at first but goddamn seeing people's unfiltered thoughts on various topics really makes it hard to empathize with others. I'm stuck for now thou…
  • I keep getting tempted, but its probably healthier for me to just keep viewing it read-only. I know that I'll give in one of these days though. I also force myself to stay read-only with Reddit. Honestly if I ever posted anything on Reddit I w…
  • So they license their name to a product they have no quality control over? I'd still go with "Never again" Their link in the tweet goes to Butler Home Products instead of Bradshaw Home. They license their name to both, of course. Who knows whi…
  • Reminded me of something out of jackass.
  • Great news on the headache front! Not so good news on the glaucoma. Good luck keeping it at bay.
  • Y I K E S
  • I hope you're right. Well, not at the detriment to Sanders bit. Though since the same people are still in charge and Sanders didn't really ingratiate himself to them I don't see him getting the nomination even with the changes in how the delegate/…
  • Or they get to recycle things like this...