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  • @joshy said: Welcome back, Bleh! Now there is a name I haven't thought about in quite some time.
  • Speaking of confused, but interested... * Desi shares an IP address and a similar email address with another account that hasn't posted yet. * Desi has a profile pic that is signed by Jetta, and seems to be a Chevy of some flavor. ... …
  • Google still sends people here with regard to Service Pack 2: There used to be a lot more on this site. But now its mostly a group of aging Gen-Xers that throw around insi…
  • More info on the horns thing: (Specifically, there are issues with the reporting).
    in Headlines Comment by Clme June 22
  • I should not have started listening to the guitar guy while reading the reddit post. It felt like a soundtrack.
    in Steaming Ass Comment by Clme June 21
  • Goddamnit. I hate it when my grandmother's warnings about posture turn out to be right. (Despite her own posture being horrible, of course) :-)
    in Headlines Comment by Clme June 21
  • Oh fuck this country.
  • Hey, in three more generations the white people will be a major minority in Texas and there may be hope for them. ...although by that time the rest of the country may have designated portions of itself as 'white person refuge' in order to 'preser…
  • So for about a week I spent most of my computer time doing work shit, and when I finally grabbed my own laptop and checked in here there were over 780 new user accounts and a few spam messages. More shit has been coming out about how migrants (an…
  • I believe Milwaukee removed some highway exits and cancelled a new highway plan in order to improve traffic flow in a few neighborhoods. Of course, there are still a dozen others so its not like they put this into a mass test. But it was interesti…
    in Steaming Ass Comment by Clme June 3
  • Hope I look that animated when I'm dead. (Sorry to hear that, man.)
  • The best line of the story, in my opinion, is this: Personally, I firmly believe there’s nothing wrong with a tasteful sticker every now and again. Dillon Shane Webb’s “I EAT ASS” sticker is, in my eyes, the epitome of a classy adornment for any Ch…
    in Headlines Comment by Clme May 14
  • Yet will news like this make people not fly airlines that use this type of seating? Will it make people push for trains that don't take three days to cross the country? How long before we start to see the "Well, actually this is a good thing for t…
    in Headlines Comment by Clme May 1
  • The more I watch TV, the more convinced I am they should have kept the independent counsel laws that expired in 1999.... even if they were responsible for Ken Starr. But then I remember that I partially blame Ken Starr for the "Killary" conspira…
    in Mueller Report Comment by Clme April 26
  • ... but... Nevermind. That is pretty much on-brand for this year.
    in Mueller Report Comment by Clme April 21
  • Gee... Sailer didn't feel any need to add any commentary other than the headline? That is strange. I wonder why? Oh. Because the comments do it for him. He can remain at a healthy distance and let his commenters fill in the snark and modern …
    in Headlines Comment by Clme April 21
  • sigh .... sigh
    in Reality TV Comment by Clme April 20
  • I predict that hashtag will become a sinkhole of crap memes an fake text messages within 48 hours. :-)
    in Headlines Comment by Clme April 20
  • I'm a little happy that I was wrong about declaring 'no confidence'. But it was still very strange. Very strange. The report as presented is interesting to skim through though. What I have taken out of it so far can be summed up like this: …
    in Mueller Report Comment by Clme April 20
  • Barr is holding a press conference tomorrow morning. Supposedly about Mueller, if i believe MSNBC. Prediction: Barr declares a lack of confidence in Mueller, lays out why he feels that Mueller is unreliable/compromised or why his investigation …
    in Mueller Report Comment by Clme April 18
  • So he's more of a regional act than a national act then? :-)
    in Headlines Comment by Clme April 17
  • It might be nice to be able to explore a story or a controversy in depth before having to jump to the next one. It seems like we never have any closure on controversies anymore.
    in Reality TV Comment by Clme April 6
  • I suspected it was not real... but apparently it was: Awesome.
  • Finally listened to the Sam Seder/Michael Tracey thing. That was entertaining, just as advertised! Although Seder took some cheap shots I have to admit I kind of enjoyed it. Just for the hell of it I went and looked at Michael Tracey's twitter …
    in Mueller Report Comment by Clme April 3
  • /me watches news. "Oranges of the report." "The oranges, you know the, the beginnings of the investigation. The oranges of the investigation" /me turns off news. Goddamnit. No. Too easy. There no goddamn way that happened. Its a trol…
    in Mueller Report Comment by Clme April 3
  • Oh Schiff is loud and arrogant, and he absolutely does spend too much time talking shit on TV without backing up his comments. The republicans were right about that particular piece of criticism. I won't say I wasn't enjoying the hell out of list…
    in Mueller Report Comment by Clme March 30
  • @LonMabonJovi said: I'm expecting a shitstorm of triggered libs if this is how it's going to be handled. Slightly relate…
    in Mueller Report Comment by Clme March 29
  • @joshy said: After the election my wife bought us and our non-verbal autistic son "Not My President" T-shirts. She doesn't get why I won't wear it and why I undermine her efforts to send the kid to school in his. It doesn't mean I don't wi…
    in Mueller Report Comment by Clme March 29
  • I am very, very concerned about the number of people on the left-wing comment sections and FacePunch pages that have openly started making assassination jokes. You know, the "Where is John Wilkes Booth when you need him lol" type bullshit. That…
    in Mueller Report Comment by Clme March 27