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  • @Dave said: I don't follow how that's a hidden message Well, they didn't immediately follow it up with an 88 word paragraph, so... (Although they did use the number 88 later on.. hmmm)
  • I am not ashamed to admit I actually enjoy the Amanda Palmer Uke songs. I can't recall if I shared this here a year or two ago, or just on facepunch. I know the people on facebreak either loved or hated it...
  • I suspect he has that on lockdown now, since NOAA released an (anonymous) press release validating the prez and shitting on the scientists.
    in Steaming Ass Comment by Clme September 8
  • Heh. See, I usually heard those referred to as tuning keys. Machine head makes me think of the Bush song before the Deep Purple album.
  • I wasn't aware of machines other than tuning forks or youtube I guess. I learned something new today.
  • That really looks awesome, to be honest.
    in Steaming Ass Comment by Clme August 30
  • I couldn't see all that editorial, but wow that opening few paragraphs seemed like a libertarian wet dream. "Oh no they want cities to update infrastructure!"
  • I'll have to wait a few months for the mud puddles to clean up from all of the urine.
  • All of this makes me want to take up guitar myself. I do need to get some drums for the kiddo at some point. Plus the wife has a bass. That gives me ideas, but I really don't need to turn into the partridge family up in here. ;-)
  • Libertarian argument for eliminating public school.
  • Needs to be an acronym now. Terrible Higher Education.
    in Headlines Comment by Clme August 16
  • Hah. Amazing. Its 2019, and the pages still look different between all the browsers.
  • Hah. I remember some people seemed upset we stopped at Wendy's on the way to Cyd's party. :-) I love Lam's descriptions of the photos:
  • Tepid Pussy is my spirit animal.
  • I'm finding out that I had partially merged several past forum members together in my memory. Poor analogy time: I think reading the old archives are like reading a middle-school journal as an adult... You're embarrassed by some of it, but you …
  • Welcome back rat! In the end I wasn't very nice either. Though in a different, passive-aggressive way. Thanks for the update on Christopher Reeve. Let me know if you hear anything about Tom Petty, George Carlin, or Robin Williams.
  • Freeze them if you can. Wart kits work. Otherwise be prepared for a bit of blood.
    in Skin Tags Comment by Clme August 7
  • Heh. This is somehow an appropriate thread for number 666:
  • News flash: Trump supporters standards keep getting lower.
    in Steaming Ass Comment by Clme August 4
  • Holy shit I forgot about this guy. Also forgot he was around way back in the beginning of UBB...
  • I see they went with the 90's fast food restaurant method of sizing... there is no small or medium. :-) Huh. You know, "appearance of length" is an interesting phrase. ....and a few of the after photos do not look healthy. Yikes.
  • This should just automatically be the first reply in any thread.
  • Oh wow, I just stumbled across some of the 9-11 posts. sucks air through clenched teeth Probably the worst one as far as drama was thread 578, if anyone is interested. Lots of pain, confusion, and anger in there. Which is understandable. But …
  • @eod said: What was this all about? Oh Christ. Toxic masculinity, mostly. Combined with a little bit of public shaming, probably virgin shaming, and more than a touch of a stalker vibe. Anyway: I believe it was originally posted …
  • What I'm good for:
  • All those poor, broken picture links I think a lot of the images and links are pointing at sleazysolutions. I think we were on UBB until 2004 or so? I maybe remembering that wrong though. We went through, what... four revisions of the mai…
  • I'd play TW. Some good nostalgia there. There is something nice about turned-based games I can play slowly while wrangling the kid. :-)
    in Dota Underlords Comment by Clme July 26
  • Right now I just think there is too much auto-tune. I used to hate songs that were nothing except samples, but I got over my bias there. At some point I realized that sampling has turned into its own art form, and some of the artists (or their…
  • Rufus was the rock star with his batch of photos, for sure. He's on the book-face now, if anyone is interested in friending him that hasn't yet. (He just posted the Twilight Zone meme in the Pen group if you didn't know his real name).
  • Hah. I'm not even sure you were the oldest person there young lady. :-) But yes, we were all young, naive, and a few of us were way too optimistic. On a personal note I miss having that much hair. Its thinned out a little over the ensuing 1…