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  • Kind of reminds me of a game plot where you had to drink some kind of demon/evil/etc blood, and in the rare chance you lived you gained extra powers for demon killing (and possibly a reduced lifespan as the powers drained your good life force). Dam…
  • Is it like everything-flavored jellybeans? "Oh look, this one tastes like earwax/boogers/wood/scotch-breath-kissing-me-goodnight"
  • But... why? I mean, I would still have to try one, but what in the everloving hell?
  • Why can't it be both? (I can't get any of the photos to display or the one video to play, so I'll just make a smartass comment based on the two paragraphs I read).
    in 8=======D Comment by Clme September 16
  • For awhile on various social medias I was trying to make the most extreme parodies I could of various right wing figures. Dana with the NRA is one of them. I can no longer parody them without pulling in alien mind control or some shit. :-( I..…
  • This is my favorite part of the article. Clayton Valley Charter High School — home of the Ugly Eagles The video was good too. I didn't think it was going to turn out that way considering how she started out with the wild punch-slaps…
  • Probably the wrong time for this then...
  • Was anyone indicted, arrested, or tried over the last few days? Seems that funeral drama and the sick McCain conpirators have taken up my entire news feed, bookface feed, and... well those are the only places I checked.
  • Eek. That is creepy.
    in Steaming Ass Comment by Clme August 28
  • Eeek. I missed the Canadian lumber imports thing too. That's... really bizarre. I think I first saw the Time/Ice Cream thing thanks to late night TV hosts. Several left-wing radio personalities have started to refer to Trump as "Donnie Two-Sc…
    in Reality TV Comment by Clme August 20
  • [Obligatory joke about showing some damn 'R E S P E C T'] [Obligatory 'Christopher Reeve is still dead' reference] [Obligatory apology for the previous items]
  • One of the talking heads on TV has a theory that Trump is actually silencing witnesses by removing security clearance. There is a big reason why he pulled it from people that would have been in a position to act or monitor what Russia was doing ove…
    in Reality TV Comment by Clme August 17
  • I swear I replied to this thread last week. Hmm. Not the content I normally associate with Tiny Desk. Nice to see them branching out. I haven't watched the second video yet, but the first one was great. "How many people like really love hip…
  • If we do reach the point that we understand what is and isn't free will, I don't think the standard for punishment/incarceration will change right away. I believe things will stay status quo until there are methods in place to 'fix' or rehabilita…
  • Just watch out for those Catholics. They'll all vote as a bloc and soon we'll end up with the pope as shadow-ruler of the United States! (Note: That was a very real fear for a surprising number of citizens during most of our lifetimes). Surpri…
    in Reality TV Comment by Clme August 14
  • If a problem with brain chemistry turns out to be genetic, do we hold the parents responsible instead? Eek. Sounds like a 1960's sci-fi story about the danger of eugenics. So... right up my alley, actually.
  • Soon they'll begin deporting citizens. But they'll probably deport them to Puerto Rico. Since we've forgotten it exists and apparently don't know its a U.S. territory.
    in Reality TV Comment by Clme August 10
  • Once in 7th grade as a required topic. ("government" course, which I understand took the place of "Civics") I believe the other times it was covered for me was technically electives, unless 20+ years is hurting my memory. (Which it probably is)…
    in 8=======D Comment by Clme August 10
  • When its that widespread is it an illness, the new normal, or some form of self-defense?
  • ... Ouch. schwing Ok. Point taken.
  • Love the Onion. The motive thing with the Las Vegas shooter creeps me the fuck out. There are a LOT of conspiracy theories about the cause of that shooting (Most are 'anti NRA' conspiracy theories, since anti-gun advocates apparently want a bunc…
    in Steaming Ass Comment by Clme August 10
  • Nothing is safe from photoshop. Nothing is sacred. Every time I see proof of that, I become both happy and sad. Is there such a thing as a bittersweet boner?
  • If they identify as a conspiracy theorist, then the latter. If they start red-faced-vein-showing screaming at rallies, they are the former.
  • They've been on the outskirts of the Trump movement for at least six months... I've been seeing memes from their supporters at the usual places, and holy crap they believe some really, really out-there stuff. But hot damn they really broke into t…
  • It doesn't look like he really tweeted that. ...but I kind of wish he did.
    in Reality TV Comment by Clme August 4
  • That is debatable at best. Also, nice of you to finally admit that Putin is not his opposition. ;-)
  • God damnit. What does Mueller have coming out this week that this shit happens on a Sunday night? Link to the original Trump tweet:
  • Slip through is being used awfully liberally there.
    in Headlines Comment by Clme July 22
  • The Kipling thing really isn't that surprising. I loved Kipling growing up. I had several 'Just So' stories memorized (I had to recite them in 4th grade for some class). I had 'The Complete Jungle book' which contained numerous short stories, p…
    in Steaming Ass Comment by Clme July 20
  • Of course he calls off Cold War II. The original Cold War started back up and Putin just won a major battle in it. The next year will determine if he wins the entire war.
    in Reality TV Comment by Clme July 20