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  • Oh dear god... can you imagine the burning smell? Imagine burning saliva (I know all of you have spit on something red hot before, don't deny it). Multiply that by some number appropriate for the output and different consistency there. That's wha…
    in Steaming Ass Comment by Clme 1:27AM
  • That sounds like someone was suggesting other names sarcastically, but the rest of the room didn't pick up on the sarcasm.
  • Based on the playing around I've done, that appears to be the case.
  • Wow. I think I had a hand-me-down shirt from one of my uncles that looked like that. Rock on. Those collars were big enough to lift you up in a strong wind. Although, this also makes me hope the pictures of me in 1983 wearing a baby-blue sui…
  • Yup. That's right up there with the old "If you disagree, don't bother posting." Because there is nothing at all wrong with their initial premise or their definitions, right? Other favorites: "If you can't help but try to 'refute' this post, …
  • Wow, this is the first time in at least three years that I've seen the name Saul Alinsky without the name "Obama" being mentioned within the proceeding or preceeding paragraphs. Wait... that isn't completely true... there was an article about th…
    in Books Comment by Clme September 16
  • I have a grandfather and a few uncles that spend half the day just sharing shitty posts from pages like this. I don't know who's creating it all, but I know if I see a new one I'll see it across a dozen other locations within the next two months. …
  • @LonMabonJovi said: I tried today to pump some poop but I can't select General or the Crapper. Failed in Firefox and edge. Ditto. I also tried Chrome in addition to Firefox. Seems recent, because I think I was able to click on them on eit…
  • Zombocom?
  • Wow. Zombie genitals.
  • Both of those arm wrestlers could probably kick my ass.
  • Is there any visual indicator for posts that haven't been read since the last visit?
  • Watch out world, this will see a flurry of activity! ...and then be forgotten about after a month. But until then, flurry of activity!
  • Today: Returned to work after two weeks of vacation. Next week: Unpaid overtime, physical therapy for the kid, and bowling. Next Month: Halloween, some family parties, too far out for much else.
  • Perhaps previous/next thread links?
  • @Digitalpiracy said: Am I The Only One.... sorry, you will have to help me? To be fair, if we helped you then you wouldn't be the only one anymore.
    in AITOOJOTT? Comment by Clme September 12
  • Cake? Cake! CAKE! Hrm. Something seems off.
  • @eod said: Fucking DragonCon killed him. I had a love/hate relationship with his writing. But damn. This makes me sad.
  • Oh... it made it italics. Markdown. Right. Cool. slow clap slow clap slow clap slow clap slow Clap ` slow clap *slow clap* slow clap slow clap slow clap slow clap
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  • @Aaron said: Or is someone else gonna lend a hand? slow clap
    in AITOOJOTT? Comment by Clme September 11