• @Clme said:
    Maybe he left a copy of the health care plan in the Oval Office?

    Biden has said that Trump left him a "generous" letter in the Oval Office. I think you may be on to something.

  • Humorous, but "woke lefties being silly" feels like small potatoes in an age where the GOP is ~50% taken over by a literal violent cult.

  • Side note: now that "MTG" refers to a crazy lady, I wonder if Magic: The Gathering can sue for damage to reputation.

  • If she lost that court case then a crowdfund would spring up where her supporters would donate like a million bucks just to help 'own the libs' and 'fight cancel culture'.

    Just like the 200k she got in donations just for losing her committee positions.

  • If 50% of Republicans were a violent cult, the country would be on fire.

  • I said "50% of the GOP", oh he-who-never-reads-what-he's-replying-to. It was a reference to how many house GOP members gave Marjorie Taylor Greene a standing ovation.

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    Not only is it tipped sideways so its rotational axis is practically parallel to its orbital plane, it smells terrible, it's leaking everywhere, its magnetic field is an utter mess, and it has rings unlike any other planetary rings in the Solar System.

    The planet is aptly named.

  • Folks have started referring to Matt Gaetz as "pizzagaetz", and I gotta say that's a small point of light in the world.

  • Its a heck of a lot better than "gaetz-gate" at least. :)

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